Essential Oils in Pregnancy and Childbirth – Standby for a Live Q and A

Hello natural beauties everywhere. I am doing a live Q & A with The Mothership International on Facebook, this Friday (November 11 2016), 10am local Sydney time. If you can’t pop in because of the time difference the video will remain on the Mothership Facebook page.


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As I prepare for this live chat I realise I haven’t written very much on this topic so I’ll try and follow up with some recipes and articles in the next couple of months.

Go to the Facebook page here: The Mothership International

Here’s a quick look at a quick tech run I did today so I could work out what was going on. Hopefully it will be much better on the day with some real people asking questions!

I’l do my best to limit the um and ahs …….. It’s actually quite difficult speaking live without a lot of direction.


Wish me luck!

Is there anything you’d like to know about essential oils in pregnancy? Ask me on Friday or leave a question here. 

copyright 2016


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