Essential Oils in Pregnancy and Childbirth – Video

Hello natural beauties everywhere. I did the live Q & A with The Mothership International on Facebook last Friday (November 11 2016). It was challenging as no one asked a question – I’m glad I prepared some notes. So I talked to the reflection of myself for about an hour and you can check it out here today. It was good to do something I haven’t done before, to challenge myself and create new brain synapses by learning something new.


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lone flower

jasmine is great preparing for childbirth and in labour too



My Chat (with myself)

I generally talked about:

* taking the toxic chemicals out of your life

* the facts about essential oils in pregnancy

* the myths – if any?

* using your intuition

* seeking advice

* making aromatherapy easy

And in relation to pregnancy and childbirth (and perhaps more specifically):

* 1st trimester

* 2nd trimester

* 3rd trimester

* preparing for birth

* at the birth

* after the birth

I hope you gain some insight from this talk and please pass it on to anyone you know who may be interested.

Did you use essential oils through your pregnancy?

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

copyright 2016


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