Judgement – A Tarot Card Reading with Essential Oils

Judgement - XX in the Rider-Waite deck

Judgement – XX in the Rider-Waite deck

Number 20 in the major arcana is the Judgement card. There’s quite a few dead people and the Angel Gabriel heralding a message from God. I do like this card, and as with many of the tarot cards, at first glance it looks a bit creepy but has a positive message. This card is about truth and dharma, how you live your life. When the “judgement day” comes, and you are called to the pearly gates of heaven, can you say you have lived your life with purpose and in your own truth? Have you inspired others to reach their personal heights? Have you remained true to the laws of the universe? Have you been kind to others?

? sneakily borrowed from biodagar.com

? pic via biodagar.com

When this card comes to you in a reading it may be suggesting you need to re-focus your energy, get yourself back on track. It could be a call to move forward in your life and allow your real self to emerge. Shed your skin and don’t be afraid to embrace your higher purpose, your dharma, your spirituality.

This could be a time to try to see things from a new perspective, which could in turn lead to you making positive changes in your life.

angel gabriel blowing his horn - gabe aguilar pic via finaartamerica.com

angel gabriel blowing his horn – gabe aguilar pic via fineartamerica.com

Call on the Archangel Gabriel (the healer) to help you find your true purpose in life and use some essential oils with your very best intention.

1. Nourishing Body Oil Blend

For a coat of your body use 3 teaspoons of carrier oil in a little dish and, add 7 – 8 drops of essential oil.

***** Always put the drops of essential oil into the bottle or dish first, then add the carrier oil. It gives the scents time to create a synergistic fusion.

For a 50 ml bottle of oil add 25 drops and see my articles “Ratios for Blending Essential Oils – A Reminder of the Basics” and  “Aromatherapy – It’s Easy as 1 2 3”


Allow yourself to shed the old –

Juniper        3 drops

Rosewood   3 drops

Lavender     2 drops


“What is My Purpose in Life?”

Find your dharma –

Petitgrain                     3 drops

Cedarwood Virginian    2 drops

Cinnamon                    2 drops



Gabriel will help you emerge as a healed soul –

Rose 3%         12 drops  *see my article for more info on 3% blends in jojoba

Nutmeg           2 drops


Anoint yourself with pure essential oils

Anoint yourself with pure essential oils

2. Pure Pulse Point Perfume

In a little dish mix these oils and anoint your pulse points or chakras – 3 drops of essential oils and dilute with a few drops of carrier oil – always patch test first!

“Back on Track”

Re-focus to what really matters to you –

Basil              1 drop

Orange          2 drops


“Movin’ On”

Keep going!

Rosemary     1 drop

May Chang   2 drops



Emerge as a new person –

Spikenard     1 drop

Lime              2 drops


Happy blending and remember to use your intention when you are creating your formulas. See my article about intention.

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