Do Gay People Have a Favourite Essential Oil? – Video

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Do Gay People Have a Favourite Essential Oil? (Last Week on YouTube)




I recently accompanied my very good friend DJ Wayne G on an Atlantis Cruise from Auckland to Sydney. These cruises are predominantly gay men, a few lesbians, a straight couple or two and a few straight girls. When a blog reader asked “what is gay peoples’ favourite essential oil” I laughed out loud (really). What a perfect place to ask a few people this interesting question.

Of course I imagined I would ask 500 people, like a vox pop, and ended up actually having a holiday and asking 5 people! Here is the result.

There is one clip with (another DJ) friend of mine Shigeki, filmed on a train. Clearly NOT a ship. This was shot on a beautiful wooden train that took us up through the Taieri Gorge from Dunedin in New Zealand – a beautiful day through spectacular scenery.


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