Essential Oils for The March Equinox 2015

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Essential Oils for The March Equinox 2015

Showing the Autumnal and Spring (or Vernal) equinoxes and the position of the sun -pic via

Showing the Autumnal and Spring (or Vernal) equinoxes and the position of the sun -pic via

OOOOOOOO yeah its equinox time! This March Equinox means cooler temperatures for us in the southern hemisphere, and warmer times for you up north. Equatorial people just get a little hint of a change, but this may change in years to come with global temperatures changing and wacky things happening in the atmosphere.


“an equinox occurs when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is neither away or towards the Sun. At this time, the center of the Sun is in the plane of the Earth’s equator. What happens as a result is that the Sun is at one of two opposite points on the celestial sphere. The word equinox is translated in Latin to mean “equal night” because during an equinox the day and night will be at equal length.

The Spring Equinox begins on March 21 and marks the start of the new astrological year in the tropical zodiac since the Sun will enter Aries — the first sign in the zodiac. This is typically a time of new beginnings and we have come to associate the Spring Equinox with a “fresh start.”


But for me it’s the Autumnal Equinox in Aries (the start of the astrological year), and for others it’s the Vernal Equinox in Aries. Hmmmmmm.

So in the Southern hemisphere, the astrological year is starting but we are getting ready for winter. Maybe this means we start thinking about our new plans NOW, and we’ll see them finally hatch at the end of the year (spring and summer).

In the north your new year starts with warmth and fiery Aries energy. Get ready to party.

Which oils can we use the ease us into the next seasons?

Sothern hemisphere - pic via

Southern hemisphere – pic via

Essential oils that help us prepare for cooler weather, bring us down from a hot summer,  and also plant the seeds of ideas that will hatch in spring:

Fennel – be kind to yourself, nurture your body

Mandarin – bring the happiness of summer into autumn, acknowledge the simple things in life

Basil – open the upper chakras to receive divine guidance through the darker months

Pine – give thanks for an abundant summer and the people in our lives who have helped us


North - pic via

North – pic via

Essential oils that help shake off the cold, and spur us into action:

Rosemary – increase circulation, stimulate the mind to remember what we had planned for this new season

Cardamom – get the energy flowing all around and through you

Jasmine – awaken your creativity and sensuality

Geranium – cheer up summer is coming


A median lifestyle - pic via

A median lifestyle – pic via

Essential oils to help change our energy levels and get us moving, stimulate creativity and goal setting:

Frankincense – deep breathing, connection to spirit

Cedarwood Virginian – love what you do in everyday life and help the world evolve through these practices

Petitgrain – fresh new starts, pure potentiality

Juniper – shed old energy patterns and emotions to move forward


It is important to acknowledge and celebrate these planetary occurrences to help us stay connected to our land. Let’s love our planet, take care of it and each other. Let’s evolve – because it’s the only choice that seems relevant.

Using essential oils will help open your spirit through the elusive Limbic System in your brain. The scent of a natural oil can awaken divine intelligence within you, so go ahead and use any essential oil to expand your consciousness. We need you.

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.


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