Fulfilment – A New Botanical Perfume by banks botanicals

Hello natural beauties I hope you’re all well and happy – and fulfilled. It’s time for perfume number 5 , fulfilment, from my new range of perfumes. The botanical perfume range, called REVELATION, corresponds with my book of the same name. Each perfume represents a “Revelation Formula” from one of the ten chapters on essential oils. Fulfilment ids all about living in your dharma ….


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From the Dharma chapter in my book, I have created fulfilment the botanical perfume.


fulfilment 9ml roll-on bottle


“As the world is rapidly changing, many people are questioning their true place and purpose in this world.

Are you? 

Some are being called to change, seek, adapt, gain knowledge, share knowledge and support a peaceful evolution of humanity.

Others are being called to act as practitioners of the healing arts.

Are you?


Suzanne R Banks    “Revelation! Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils”




Dharma does not just refer to work, it is a sanskrit word meaning the way we live our lives, the moral and “right” way to do things, according to natural law. Our work often plays a big part of who we are but for many people their job can be dreadfully depressing because it goes against their true nature, and their higher self is driving them to break out and live!

There’s no need to restrict yourself in life, in fact we need everyone to be out there using their full potential so we CAN evolve and move to the next level of consciousness.

Are you ready? Start with this crisp tangy perfume with woody undertones to change your focus and help you with the courage you need to fully pursue the reason you are here, now.


“You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost.”

Martha Graham,     Dancer and choreographer


fulfilment 1ml sample


The fulfilment formula combines happiness oils and some of the essential oils I have listed in the dharma and work chapter of my book. All my perfumes are hand-made, organic, vegan, jojoba oil based.

fulfilment is a bright compelling fragrance with an unashamedly, tangy, bittersweet citrus headline. Bursts of green rosy highlights are given to you by palmarosa, layered on a rich warm foundation of spices that are dancing with cedar in a faraway forest.

You are a guiding light – embrace it.

Ingredients: essential oils of *petitgrain, *palamarosa, cedarwood Virginian, *black pepper and *cinnamon in  *jojoba. *certified organic

1ml sample    $ 9 AUD

9ml roll-on     $67 AUD



Are you feeling fulfilled?


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