Fulfilment – A New Botanical Perfume by banks botanicals

Hello natural beauties I hope you’re all well and happy – and fulfilled. It’s time for perfume number 5 , fulfilment, from my new range of perfumes. The botanical perfume range, called REVELATION, corresponds with my book of the same name. Each perfume represents a “Revelation Formula” from one of the ten chapters on essential oils. Fulfilment ids all about living in your dharma ….


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From the Dharma chapter in my book, I have created fulfilment the botanical perfume.


fulfilment 9ml roll-on bottle


“As the world is rapidly changing, many people are questioning their true place and purpose in this world.

Are you? 

Some are being called to change, seek, adapt, gain knowledge, share knowledge and support a peaceful evolution of humanity.

Others are being called to act as practitioners of the healing arts.

Are you?


Suzanne R Banks    “Revelation! Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils”




Dharma does not just refer to work, it is a sanskrit word meaning the way we live our lives, the moral and “right” way to do things, according to natural law. Our work often plays a big part of who we are but for many people their job can be dreadfully depressing because it goes against their true nature, and their higher self is driving them to break out and live!

There’s no need to restrict yourself in life, in fact we need everyone to be out there using their full potential so we CAN evolve and move to the next level of consciousness.

Are you ready? Start with this crisp tangy perfume with woody undertones to change your focus and help you with the courage you need to fully pursue the reason you are here, now.


“You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost.”

Martha Graham,     Dancer and choreographer


fulfilment 1ml sample


The fulfilment formula combines happiness oils and some of the essential oils I have listed in the dharma and work chapter of my book. All my perfumes are hand-made, organic, vegan, jojoba oil based.

fulfilment is a bright compelling fragrance with an unashamedly, tangy, bittersweet citrus headline. Bursts of green rosy highlights are given to you by palmarosa, layered on a rich warm foundation of spices that are dancing with cedar in a faraway forest.

You are a guiding light – embrace it.

Ingredients: essential oils of *petitgrain, *palamarosa, cedarwood Virginian, *black pepper and *cinnamon in  *jojoba. *certified organic

1ml sample    $ 9 AUD

9ml roll-on     $67 AUD



Are you feeling fulfilled?


5 Essential Oils to Help You Love Your Job

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5 Essential Oils to Help You Love Your Job

hearts to you

hearts to you for what you do

Believe it or not, some people work in jobs they don’t really like, let alone LOVE.

Are you someone who is discontent with what you do on a daily basis?

Or are you someone who sorta-kinda thinks their job is ok, but really you rather be doing something else?

I’m going to assume we’d all rather be on holidays forever (and that we probably can’t get that happening) and that you do have a job, and you’d like to make the daily grind less of a daily grind. Essential oils won’t be able to go out into the world for you and find the perfect job, but they can help you feel better about yourself and where you are in your life.

orange -  it's a great food AND oil!

orange – it’s a great food AND oil!


Orange oil is made from the rind of oranges. It is the perfect oil to help bring a little happiness and sweetness into your life. And just look at that colour! Oranges vibrate with a bright fresh energy, and the oil is all about innocence and simplicity.

Can you find ONE good thing about your job? It can be anything from liking the biscuits they provide to getting your pay.

Put a few drops of orange oil into the bottom of the shower in the morning, cover the drain with your foot or cloth, breathe deeply, smile. Carry this smile with you during the day.

Frankincense resin in it's organic form is then distilled into an essential oil

Frankincense resin in its organic form is then distilled into an essential oil

2. Frankincense

Frankincense is the oil of breathing deeply, which means a less stressful approach to the day and a deeper connection to your spirit. By taking a big whiff of Frankincense before you head out the door in the morning, you reinforce a calm state of mind and of body too.

The more oxygen you can take into your body the better you can cope at work, and the more easily adaptable you will be to problem solving. When your attitude is calm, your day at work will be better and easier to like.


Fresh clean inspiring pine

Fresh clean inspiring pine

3. Pine

Inspirational, fresh and clean, pine essential oil will help you acknowledge others around you and how they can bring positive vibes to your work day. If you are surrounded by people you don’t really understand or like, pine oil is the oil for you. Your job brings you abundance in the form of money – but what other aspects of abundance can you identify at work? Open you mind to find new things you are thankful for in this job. Just try, even if it might be difficult.

Take a drop of pine essential oil on a cotton pad in your pocket. It will remind you to FEEL abundant, and who knows what can happen from this new state of being?



4. Cinnamon

This lively spice oil will sweeten your day. Cinnamon speaks to the our dharma and is the oil for really loving what you do. It may just help you look within to move from a job you dislike to a new position or a new company. Open to your destiny by asking yourself “what do I love?” I know sometimes it’s not easy to actually contemplate changing jobs, especially if other people rely on you and the money it brings, however take a whiff of cinnamon to invoke happiness and perhaps even a little courage. It IS important to love what you do and for right now, just use cinnamon and see what it brings.


Wh!at a gorgeous flower

What a gorgeous flower – Ylang Ylang

5. Ylang Ylang

This amazing flower makes a deep, exotic floral oil, which is great for skin and also for releasing anger and frustration. It’s base note qualities appeal to both men and women and I recommend a drop or two, diluted in some carrier oil, on your wrists and heart. This action will help you draw the divine energy of forgiveness into your heart so when you step into work, your attitude will be a little softer.

Ylang ylang is also an oil of sensuality, and when you’re feeling good about yourself, it makes it easier to feel better about your circumstances.


**** Essential oils won’t cure an illness or be a complete solution to every problem; however they will help you change your focus and in turn look at the world in a different light.

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

copryright SR Banks 2015

Dharma & Work

Please check out my new book REVELATION! – Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils

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Chapter 8

Dharma & Work

Another look in between the covers of my book

What we do every day has far reaching energetic waves

What we do every day has far-reaching energetic waves

Have you ever heard the word dharma before? It is a Sanskrit word and it denotes, not only our jobs and work, but where we fit in the world and how we achieve our spirit’s desires.

“It can include religion, social justice, jobs, awareness, thoughts and deeds, and relates to our true place in the cosmic process. It means more than what we do for work, it speaks to the more profound meaning of our souls”



To find your true place in the world start using essential oils. The practice of aromatherapy will help you open your upper chakras to divine intelligence, and allow you to fulfill your destiny (by giving you the confidence to move beyond your perceived limits).

If you are actually looking for a new job, add a few drops of essential oils to your job hunting exercises and allow your ego to step back. Add your intention and trust the perfect job is already there for you – just catch up to it!

Black pepper

Black pepper

Black pepper

This wonderful spice makes a beautiful essential oil, and although you may need to take care with the amounts you use (too much can harm the skin), don’t be afraid to take a whiff from the bottle, add it to your vapouriser, or put a couple of drops into an oil blend for your body.

Black pepper is all about taking action. it will help you gain courage to pursue your dreams!

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives”

Annie Dillard, Author


So how do you spend your days? In a job you hate, desperate for each holiday, but you’re hanging in there because the money is good?

Or are you throwing away the demands and expectations of western society and pursuing your dreams, so in turn you may inspire others to do the same? This may sound selfish but in doing this you are adding another extra surge of energy to our evolution.

Petitgrain is a green citrus with an uplifting scent

Petitgrain is a green citrus with an uplifting scent


Petitgrain is also an oil of happiness as it helps relieve anxiety and tension. To me it is the promise of good things to come.

“When you can be a bit more relaxed about the search for your purpose in this world, more opportunities will present themselves to you. Find new opportunities, new projects, new thoughts and feelings, new rituals and a new outlook with petitgrain”


Please spend your days, or at least some time each day, with your true desires to be revealed to you through your work. Sometimes it may just be the case of renewed passion for the job you currently have – and then its easy! By using essential oils daily, the scent will transform your soul and you will have no choice but to follow your dreams.

To find out what other oils can help you find your dharma, click on one of the links below.

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Thanks everyone.

copryright SR Banks