The Emperor – A Tarot Card Reading with Essential Oils

The Emperor - IV from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

The Emperor – IV from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

The Emperor falls into the bland section for me – along with Justice and The Hierophant. They aren’t very pretty cards and they have strong masculine energies. Having said all that the Emperor has some good things to say. There’s no mucking around with this guy and it’s the energy of Aries the Ram at play. Aries rules the head and decision-making and the Emperor is all about being level-headed and making decisions that will benefit him in the long run.

The Emperor is the provider, and is like a father figure who has provided for everyone. His classic long white beard shows him as the patriarch who has been around for a long time. His armour indicates that he has been in battles and survived because of his decision making and power. He has built his fortune on good decisions and hard work and emits an energy of rugged yet serene masculinity.

When The Emperor shows up in a tarot reading you may be in a time of your life when you want to lay solid foundations for your future – like laying foundations before building a house. You may want to, or be forced to, take on more responsibility which will be helpful for the future.

Taking on more responsibility - pic via  by Matthew Nash

Taking on more responsibility – pic via
by Matthew Nash

The Emperor could be asking you to make a plan for the future and be rational and methodical about what issues are in front of you right now. In numerology the number four is the number of solidity and getting sensible about your future. It’s the foundations stage, which is important when building something. The Emperor got to be where he is now by doing this well.

Four - pic via

Four – pic via

This card is not about indecision or chaos. It’s about law and order, stability and security, confidence and leadership! What essential oils could you use to inspire these qualities?

1. Open The Bottle and Take a Huge Whiff

The easiest way to inspire yourself is to simply smell an essential oil. The molecules will go straight to your brain through your nose and create change –

Rosemary – stimulate your mind

Basil – open awareness and expand your mindclary

Lavender – solidify your energy and make calm decisions

Clary sage – let your dreams guide you

Lemon – refresh your mind and reload new information

A personal mist is easy to make! pic via

A personal mist is easy to make! pic via


3. Personal Aura Cleansing Mist & Room Mist

In a 50 ml mist bottle filled with water add 25 drops of oil


Take a deep breath and allow the answer to come to you –

Bergamot              15 drops

Cedarwood Atlas     5 drops

Pine                         5 drops


“Decisions, Decisions”

Clear your mind to make a clear decision –

Rosemary          10 drops

Mandarin           10 drops

Lemongrass         5 drops



Plan for the future –

Frankincense    8 drops

Lime                   5 drops

Rosewood         8 drops

Black Pepper     4 drops


Happy blending and remember to use your intention when you are creating your formulas. See my article about intention.

copyright suzannerbanks 2013



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