An Essential Oil Guide to Minimising Stress and Freak-Outs

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An Essential Oil Guide to Minimising Stress and Freak-Outs

If you are feeling stressed, anxious, or unable to cope as well as you usually do, then essential oils may help you. It is worth noting though, that if you are stressed, it can be really difficult to garner the energy to help yourself – even just a little bit.

In this case I still definitely recommend the use of essential oils, as their healing power is unstoppable, so to invite you to heal yourself, it’s best to use the easy methods which are:

Take a huge whiff to change your focus in seconds - but don't overdo it!

Take a huge whiff to change your focus in seconds – but don’t overdo it!

1. Open The Bottle and Take a Huge Whiff

Self explanatory and easy! This may be enough to change your focus (even slightly), and hopefully help you to feel a bit better about things. This method is especially good if you are really freaking out.

2. Put A few Drops Of Oil into the bottom of the Shower

This works in a similar way to just taking a whiff straight from the bottle, but if you’ve got an extra minute, it will give you a completely different experience. Your whole body will be immersed in an essential oil steam. Energetically this will cleanse your aura and have a positive effect on your mind and emotions. Just cover the drain with a cloth or your foot for a couple of minutes, and breathe in the medicinal goodness.

3. Sample

Put a couple of drops onto a scarf, handkerchief or cotton pad and take it with you, or tuck it into your pocket, or your bra. The scent of the oil will help support you through the day, people will comment on how lovely the scent is (then you’ll feel slightly better about life in general), the energetic presence of the oil will bring a sense of calm, and it’s really easy too!

A little kindness goes a long way

A little kindness goes a long way

If you can help a friend or a partner who is stressing or freaking out, you could employ these methods which are easy for you, but could be monumentally hard for your friend at a time of stress and unrest.

1. Nourishing body oil blend

Usually I say “For a coat of your body use 3 teaspoons of carrier oil in a little dish and, add 7 – 8 drops of essential oil. It’s always best to patch test first, before you apply all over.” But you could make this little blend and massage someone’s hands or feet to help them chill out.

***** Always put the drops of essential oil into the bottle or dish first, then add the carrier oil. It gives the scents time to create a synergistic fusion.

For a 50ml bottle of oil add 25 drops and see my articles “Ratios for Blending Essential Oils – A Reminder of the Basics” and “Aromatherapy – It’s Easy as 1 2 3”

2. Scent Their Space

Use 25 drops of oil In a traditional oil burner with a candle, or a diffuser, in your friend’s personal space to help them feel more comfortable. It is easy for you, but could be too much for them at this moment.

A drop of oil can be essential

A drop of oil can be essential

Which oils?

Rose – Queen of oils to help with all stress issues

Frankincense – breathe deeply and relax

Lavender – calm, solidarity and strength

Bergamot – calm, relieve mild anxiety

Marjoram – grief, emotional pain relief

Vetiver – absolute grounding, cooling to the hot emotions, stops kid’s tantrums

The chamomiles – calming, soothing, medicinal

Lemon – gentle, refreshing

Geranium – cheery, helps improve downward spiraling moods

Cinnamon – sweetness, love what you do for work

Fennel – be kind to yourself

Rosewood – flow of love in the heart centre

Ylang Ylang – release anger and frustation

…. and really, any oil that you love and can help you (or your friend) out.

hearts to you

hearts to you


Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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