Which Essential Oil do You Need Right Now?

Which essential oil do you need right now? Use your intuition to be guided to the heart you love the most – right now! It could be different next week as we are always changing and flowing with life. Using my knowledge,intuition and the messages from my guides and angels, here are your answers …..


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Hearts and oils

Hearts and oils


Test pattern heart

Test pattern heart








1. Playful and colourful this heart also represents the old TV test patterns. Are you testing the waters with a new relationship or are you starting to feel ready to love again? Either way BLACK PEPPER is for you to give you courage to pursue new relationships, new connections, and to give you strength to open up to the big wide world in all respects – not just love. Go forward now and fulfill your destiny. Don’t hold back any longer! Black pepper is a warm, sultry oil which can help you play the game of life with gusto.


Key to your heart

Key to your heart









2. Red for passion, but this heart has a key. Are you the keymaster ready to open someone’s heart with your love? Or are you the holder of the heart and key, not quite ready to give your love away. This heart could also represent stagnation and fear, an inability to move forward because you are holding on to the past. JUNIPER is the oil for you, to allow you to release any negativity in your life. Release tears and fears, and cleanse your space with this beautiful oil. Juniper is light yet powerful and can help you start again with a new attitude.


Pink and purple heart

Soft pink and purple heart








3. Romance is for you! You are either a romantic at heart or you are about to fall in love. All soft and dreamy this heart will allow you to see the good in everyone, and allow you to be forgiving and accepting to those in your life. PATCHOULI is the oil for you to help you stay more grounded, while enhancing your love of peace and harmony. If this doesn’t seem like you then patchouli will help you acknowledge the power of the one love of the universe that binds us together. Mother nature, faeries and elementals are your friends and you will be able to communicate with them more easily with the very earthy scents of patchouli.


Old fashioned ornate heart

Old fashioned ornate heart









4. This ornate floral heart looks like a door wreath from Victorian times and brings to mind simplicity in its form and colour. Black and white, you can see the world has good and not-so-good elements and can cope quite easily with this knowledge. You are an old soul with varied experiences and ROSE is the oil for you. You may need to soften your heart, or help those around you to see love as a positive force. You have loved and been loved but may have become slightly jaded over the years. Rose will help you treat yourself with softness and kindness and perhaps even attract a new love toward you. You tend to take on others problems, so now is the time for YOU. You are the queen. You are worthy of self love and self care. It’s ok to have a time-out and say no to other people.


Blue bubble heart

Blue bubble heart








5. Sparkly and friendly you always attract people who are drawn to your outgoing and fun personality! If this doesn’t sound like you, then what you need is to open your heart and mind to the possibilities of actually enjoying life. PETITGRAIN is the oil for you to keep you buzzing with beautiful, citrus happiness energy or to bring out these qualities you have been hiding from the world. Petitgrain, the oil of potentiality will help you take life in it’s stride and expect wonderful things to happen everyday. Each minute contains a potential miracle and with petitgrain you will smile and be able to allow wonderful things to manifest. We need you to be this bubbly force in our lives, so we can all be optimists!

Take a whiff straight from the bottle or see my article about how to blend and use essential oils safely.

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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14 thoughts on “Which Essential Oil do You Need Right Now?

  1. What a lovely way to choose a heart ! I got the first heart with black pepper. After Seeing your youtube tutorial about black pepper it all made sense to me. Thank you ! Did not know black pepper oil was so subtle, must smell it again.

  2. What a wonderful post, Suzanne, and spot on with the meaning and details of “chosen” heart. I picked the ornate,black and white one ( although to me it looked like a crystal or diamond heart which drew me in straight away.). Lately, I have been using a lot of Rose oil/ Rose water, but without even giving it much thought at all. It only hit me as I was reading the heart’s description in your post that it dawned on me that YES, I have been dealing with emotional drama, lately, and I instinctively started incorporating Rose EO in my daily routine….funny how your subconscious never lets you down and how one must trust one’s intuition, too. I love interactive posts like this one – Thank You so much, Suzanne.

    • Annie! So nice to hear from you again and thanks for the kind words as always. Glad to know you’ve been using rose oil too it’s a real winner and perfect for any kind of drama x

  3. I love this post! I was drawn to number 4 and of course, there being no coincidences only synchronicity, I’ve been drawn to everything rose lately!
    Once again .. Spot on Suzanne!

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