10 Aussie Summer Christmas Recipes for the Diffuser

Ah yes nothing like the promise of a stinking hot summer, with Christmas and New Year thrown in too. For some of us in Oz (like me), the winter is a long cold lonely place. In the southern hemisphere we have all the holidays and fun things squished into summer, then have to wait it out all winter for the beach and the parties. So my scented friends, these are recipes for the diffuser for us – heat, mosquitoes, flies, the beach, the pool and Christmas in our own special way.



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Sahara diffuser

Sahara diffuser

I like this diffuser from New Directions as it’s space-age futuristic, and light and colourful to go with a hot Aussie summer. You can buy this here.


Scent Your Space

In a traditional oil burner with a candle or a diffuser add 25 drops of oil


“Buzz Off”

Citronella           10 drops

Clove                   5 drops

Cinnamon            5 drops

Rose Geranium    5 drops



“The Humidity is Killing Me”

Lemon                 12 drops

Frankincense         8 drops

Peppermint            5 drops



“Beach Holiday Vibes”

Lime                    10 drops

Nutmeg                 5 drops

Bergamot              5 drops

Cedarwood Atlas   5 drops



Artsisan diffuser

Artisan diffuser

I just found this stylish diffuser from Aromixiama and you can buy it here.


“Bush Christmas”

Orange                             12 drops

Cypress                             5 drops

Australian sandalwood       8 drops



“Salad Days”

Bergamot        10 drops

Geranium           6 drops

Basil                   5 drops

Spearmint          4 drops



“Get Out of the Sun”

Mandarin          14 drops

Lavender          8 drops

Marjoram          6 drops


Lilly diffuser

Lilly diffuser

This website called Lively Living has a huge range of gorgeous diffusers – check it out here


“Gin and Tonics on the Balcony”

Juniper                   8 drops

Lemon                    8 drops

Indian rosewood     9 drops



“Midnight at the Oasis”

Petitgrain                  10 drops

Rosemary                    5 drops

Ylang Ylang                 5 drops

Cedarwood Virginian    5 drops



“Lilo’s on the River”

Blood orange     12 drops

Black spruce        8 drops

Patchouli              5 drops





Orange                9 drops

Peru balsam        8 drops

Palmarosa           8 drops



Bamboo and glass diffuser

Bamboo and glass diffuser

This style is always super cute and I’ve found them here 

***** I don’t have any association with any of the websites I have listed above nor do I make any money from the recommendations. I just had a quick look on the net while I was writing.


I hope you enjoy these Chrissy recipes and let me know if you have any favourites of your own.

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

copyright 2016

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