Oils to Stimulate Your Mind and Inspire Remembering

Hello natural beauties I hope you’re all well and happy. I completely forgot to write an article last week as I’ve been doing lots of different things and have been staying at a friend’s place looking after her cat. It dawned on me one day “hmmm, I forgot to blog”. So I think my mind needs stimulation and I definitely need to remember a bit better. So here are some oils to stimulate your brain, get you thinking and clarify your thoughts. 


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remember with rosemary



Sharp and strong, the scent of rosemary essential oil will awaken and stimulate your brain. Rosemary is the classic oil for remembering. Remember that! I’ve made my mum “smelling salts” and the main ingredient is rosemary. Just open a bottle and have a whiff!

If you can’t wake up in the morning, put a few drops in the bottom of the shower and have a whole body steam.

If you need to concentrate, study, focus and remember things, diffuse rosemary throughout your house or office – or just put a few drops on a hanky or make-up remover pad and sniff when you need as boost.

This ancient herb oil has been with us for centuries which proves it’s hardiness and usefulness, even in today’s modern society. It’s inexpensive too, easy to find, and easy to grow if you have a bit of sun. For some recipes check out

10 Recipes with Rosemary Essential Oil – Rosmarinus officianalis





Awaken, clean out your mind and get going with eucalyptus oil. This very distinctive scent will give you an instant brain-lift and help you put ideas into action. It is the oil of clearing and cleansing, so clean out the cupboards of your mind and make space for the thoughts that really count. Once again this oil is inexpensive and easy to find, and works well when cleaning the actual cupboards in your house. Have an aromatherapy treatment while you clean by adding a few drops to soapy water. Simple and easy. Check out these recipes:

10 Essential Oil Recipes to Inspire Creativity

and also a recent article from Australian perfumers about their thoughts on eucalyptus oil:

Eucalyptus – A Three Word Buzz


Black pepper


Black Pepper

From a story I wrote about black pepper for Australian Perfume Junkies:

“The essential oil of black pepper is a lot softer and sweeter than the taste, and is used in Aromatherapy for symptoms such as poor circulation, muscle and joint aches and pains, as treatment for bad digestion and as a general warming tonic. It has been used as an aphrodisiac, and an anti-dote to depression. Taking in all these properties, what can the divine scent tell us? Like many spice oils, it carries the energetic resonance of the evolution of humanity – really. Each drop, each whiff can link us to the past.


It’s an oil of warmth, expansion and action. It’s a stimulating scent to the brain and can certainly be employed to open your mind. When I smell black pepper straight from the bottle (the best way to experience an essential oil is to take off the lid and take a huge sniff) I am inspired to carry on. To me it’s an oil of searching for your purpose in life, and giving inspiration to go forward and seize the day.”




The stunning basil leaf makes a wonderful essential oil – pic by me



Refreshing and uplifting, the scent of basil can be quite soft as well as pungent. Often described in aromatherapy terms as “cephalic” (pertaining to the head), it is an expansive oil as it works on your mind and your brain.

What’s the diff between your mind and your brain? The brain is the organ which helps run the body performing amazing functions at a very small level. “The mind is the brain in action” says Dr Joe Dispenza the wonderful neuroscientist. The mind is multi-dimensional and allows us to understand, comprehend and evolve.

Have a whiff of basil to open yourself to the intelligence of the universe, and help you wake up to do your everyday work and chores. Check out these recipes:

(and BTW I wrote these two articles close together a while back, because I’d written one and forgotten about it ….. I think I see a pattern emerging …..)

10 Recipes with Basil Essential Oil – Ocimum basilicum

10 Recipes with Basil Essential Oil – Ocimum basilicum (part 2)


lovely lemongrass

Maybe its just being tired that adds to vagueness?

Try these recipes for fatigue, with oils including

Lemongrass, Black pepper, 

Rosemary, Cypress, Lemon, Basil, Pine, Cinnamon, Ginger, 

Wintergreen, Eucalyptus

10 Vapouriser Essential Oil Recipes for Exhaustion



Liven up with these stimulating essential oils and train your brain to remember!

Which oils do you like to waken up with?


10 Aussie Summer Christmas Recipes for the Diffuser

Ah yes nothing like the promise of a stinking hot summer, with Christmas and New Year thrown in too. For some of us in Oz (like me), the winter is a long cold lonely place. In the southern hemisphere we have all the holidays and fun things squished into summer, then have to wait it out all winter for the beach and the parties. So my scented friends, these are recipes for the diffuser for us – heat, mosquitoes, flies, the beach, the pool and Christmas in our own special way.



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Sahara diffuser

Sahara diffuser

I like this diffuser from New Directions as it’s space-age futuristic, and light and colourful to go with a hot Aussie summer. You can buy this here.


Scent Your Space

In a traditional oil burner with a candle or a diffuser add 25 drops of oil


“Buzz Off”

Citronella           10 drops

Clove                   5 drops

Cinnamon            5 drops

Rose Geranium    5 drops



“The Humidity is Killing Me”

Lemon                 12 drops

Frankincense         8 drops

Peppermint            5 drops



“Beach Holiday Vibes”

Lime                    10 drops

Nutmeg                 5 drops

Bergamot              5 drops

Cedarwood Atlas   5 drops



Artsisan diffuser

Artisan diffuser

I just found this stylish diffuser from Aromixiama and you can buy it here.


“Bush Christmas”

Orange                             12 drops

Cypress                             5 drops

Australian sandalwood       8 drops



“Salad Days”

Bergamot        10 drops

Geranium           6 drops

Basil                   5 drops

Spearmint          4 drops



“Get Out of the Sun”

Mandarin          14 drops

Lavender          8 drops

Marjoram          6 drops


Lilly diffuser

Lilly diffuser

This website called Lively Living has a huge range of gorgeous diffusers – check it out here


“Gin and Tonics on the Balcony”

Juniper                   8 drops

Lemon                    8 drops

Indian rosewood     9 drops



“Midnight at the Oasis”

Petitgrain                  10 drops

Rosemary                    5 drops

Ylang Ylang                 5 drops

Cedarwood Virginian    5 drops



“Lilo’s on the River”

Blood orange     12 drops

Black spruce        8 drops

Patchouli              5 drops





Orange                9 drops

Peru balsam        8 drops

Palmarosa           8 drops



Bamboo and glass diffuser

Bamboo and glass diffuser

This style is always super cute and I’ve found them here 

***** I don’t have any association with any of the websites I have listed above nor do I make any money from the recommendations. I just had a quick look on the net while I was writing.


I hope you enjoy these Chrissy recipes and let me know if you have any favourites of your own.

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

copyright 2016