Help Your Hangover with Essential Oils

Oh no natural beauties, I hope you don’t have a hangover! The best cure for a hangover is time. Drink water, eat good food and rest too. Using essential oils can help speed up the process by acting as anti-inflammatory agents, tonics for the nervous system and antidotes for nausea. Here are some great oils for a hangover.


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A cup of peppermint tea could do the trick as well


Peppermint oil is THE best! It’s great for nausea and a headache too. It’s cooling and clearing.

How to use peppermint oil for a hangover:

Place a few drops in the bottom of the shower and cover the drain. This works as a peppermint steam and will make you feel better immediately!

Put a drop on your temples and the back of your skull for headaches.

Place a few drops in a teaspoon of oil and rub onto your stomach and lower back to lessen nausea.


Lavender is the most versatile essential oil we have and it can be used all through the year


Lavender oil is an all-rounder. It’s versatility makes it perfect to treat any type of discomfort in the body.

How to use lavender oil for a hangover:

Put 10 drops of lavender into an oil burner with 10 drops of peppermint. Chill on the couch or go back to bed.

You can use lavender like peppermint oil for a headache but the deep scent could have an opposite effect if you feel sick too. Stick to peppermint if you have an upset stomach.


Sunny lemons


Lemon is a refreshing, light, happy oil and is great for a hangover because it isn’t too heavy. It is an oil used for so many things, and I would use this for a hangover because it will lighten you up, and help your mind clear.

How to use lemon oil for a hangover:

Follow the same two methods for both lavender and peppermint AND,

in 3 teaspoons of oil add 8 drops of lemon and smooth all over your body.

This is a very nourishing moisturiser for your skin and entire body, and will help your nerves settle a little bit and give you a more clarity. It will refresh your energy too.

Wh!at a gorgeous flower


** It will be best to stay away from floral oils like geranium, ylang ylang and jasmine as they could make you feel a bit sicker than you already are.

However, rose oil could do the trick quite nicely and may help you go back to sleep – which will help you even more!

** Don’t use vetiver or patchouli as they are too deeply scented and are base notes – this could bring you down even further.

Stay with citrus oils – light, sparkly and fresh!

Time is the best thing for a hangover but these simple, beautiful essential oils will speed up the recovery process.


copyright suzannerbanks 2013

3 thoughts on “Help Your Hangover with Essential Oils

  1. My first experience with essential oils was getting rid of a head ache. I mix peppermint and wintergreen in a small bowl. After that I smell the oils and apply it on the back of my neck and bottoms of my feet and it does wonders! If your skin is sensitive to these oils you can add a carrier oil to dilute it like olive oil.

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