The World – A Tarot Card Reading with Essential Oils

The World XXI - from the Rider-Waite deck

The World XXI – from the Rider-Waite deck

Ah this is a lovely card and you don’t have to be a genius to know it has a good vibe about it. It is the last card – 21- in the Major Arcana which signifies completion, success and happiness. The journey through all the other cards has been up and down and you have come a long way through all those trials to a happy ending.

If The World card comes to you and you don’t resonate with success then maybe you need to look back at where you were last year and celebrate the little achievements along the way. It could mean that you are about to finally see success manifested in your life.

The World may also mean an era coming to an end with new beginnings in sight, or just over the horizon. It is a happy card and our lady is surrounded by a never-ending wreath which could also indicate winning. The wreath is tied at the top and the bottom with a lemniscate which is the infinite flow of life. This is a time to rejoice and acknowledge yourself.

Infinity - also called the Holy Lemniscate

Infinity – also called the Holy Lemniscate

It is not a time of reflection or change, it is a time of celebration. Maybe you are actually going out into the world to travel, or launch yourself into the world with new skills that you have acquired.

Rejoice, be confident have a party.

What oils could embody the feeling of The World card? Maybe you want to invoke this feeling or you could be in this moment right now. Here are some oils and recipes to try along side this powerful card –

sniffing bottle of oil

sniffing a bottle of oil

1. Open The Bottle and Take a Huge Whiff

Cedarwood Virginian – you are living your dharma

Cedarwood Atlas – connect to the abundance of success all around you

Lime – woo hoo you are happy – acknowledge your efforts

Petitgrain – if you are not feeling outwardly successful this will help connect to the potential of manifestation

Anoint yourself with pure essential oils

Anoint yourself with pure essential oils

4. Pure Pulse Point Perfume

In a little dish mix these oils and anoint your pulse points or chakras – 3 drops of essential oils and dilute with a few drops of carrier oil – always patch test first!

“I’ve got the Power”


Black pepper  1 drop

Mandarin        1 drop

Melissa 3%    3 drops


“The Little Engine that Could”

You’re almost there – you can do it!

Sandalwood Australian  1 drop

Geranium                       1 drop

Peru balsam                   1 drop


essential oil diffuser

essential oil diffuser

3. Scent Your Space

In a traditional oil burner with a candle or a diffuser add 25 drops of oil

“Thank you, Me”

Give yourself praise for all the little things you’ve achieved –

Lavender         8 drops

Bergamot       12 drops

Palmarosa       5 drops


“Let’s Have a Kiki”

Celebrate with a party vibe in your home –

Orange             10 drops

Ylang Ylang       5 drops

Pine                   5 drops

Rose geranium  5 drops


Happy blending and remember to use your intention when you are creating your formulas. See my article about intention.

copyright suzannerbanks 2013

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