Change Your Focus in 3 Seconds

change ahead - if you want....

change ahead – if you want….

It’s easy to get bogged down in the little bumps of life.

It’s easy to be influenced by negativity in the world.

It’s easy to allow chronic patterns to drive your life.

But is it easy to change your focus, and change the way you see things?

Sometimes. Sometimes we choose to stay in the lower energetic vibrations of emotions because we know them. It feels familiar and it’s easier than to question why we are continuing on a path that doesn’t feel quite right.

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why question?

If you feel somewhat driven to change your focus in any way, it is actually quite easy with essential oils.

You don’t need to have a lot of oils to choose from.

You don’t even need to make a blend for your body, or a blend for the house, or a mist for your personal space.

It’s as simple as opening a bottle of oil and taking a big whiff.

sniffing bottle of oil

sniffing bottle of oil

A long deep whiff through your nose will transport the little molecules of oil through the nasal epithelium into various parts of the brain. Within 3 seconds your brilliant brain will have locked in a scent recognition, stimulated a memory from the past (or future or another dimension) and stimulated other parts of the brain to secrete hormones and also even effect your nervous system.

If that’s not a change of focus I don’t know what is! And all this is done without your conscious mind even needing to be put into gear.

Just one whiff!

Here’s a little snippet from my soon to be released book “Revelation – How to use Essential Oils to Reveal Your Destiny”. I’ve just chosen a few oils as an example of progression:

Sniff This Go from this To this
Mandarin Feeling unhappy Feeling happier
Sandalwood Disconnected Embracing your spirit
Myrrh Lack Abundance
Rose Unloved Appreciated by someone
Cedarwood Virginian Disliking your job Finding what you love to do
Marjoram Freaking out/stressed More relaxed
Juniper Not knowing how to change your circumstance Creating an affirmation to help you get there
Tea Tree Feeling toxic emotionally Cleansing your aura
Neroli Feeling old and that time is running out Connecting to your immortality
Lavender Weak and scattered Strength and health

Do it! Have a whiff today!

You don’t even need to use my guide – just grab ANY bottle of oil and sniff for at least 3 seconds.

The results will be subtle yet powerful. I guarantee it!

Nurture yourself now

Nurture yourself now with essential oils

Remember, treat yourself first then everyone will benefit.


copyright suzannerbanks 2013

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