Dry Brushing for Your Face?

Dry Brushing for Your Face? Is it a Thing? The Soft Supple Skin Series continues with Part 4 …

There are many motorised facial brushes on the market but what about dry brushing for your face? Just as dry brushing for your body is wonderful, dry brushing for your face has the same benefits!



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Dry brushing for your face - pic via www.skin-brushing.com

Dry brushing for your face – pic via http://www.skin-brushing.com


The advantages of dry brushing are exfoliation and lymphatic drainage. See my previous article To Dry Brush or Not? Yep … Another Question!.

As you can see by this diagram, your lymphatic drainage points for your face are behind your ears. Brush towards your ears so the excess fluid can be taken away by your lymphatic system.

It’s pretty simple really and easy to do. The most important thing to note is not to scrub too hard, just use soft gentle strokes, for two reasons:

1. Classic lymphatic drainage ALWAYS uses superficial strokes. Light sweeping strokes are the only way to move fluid to the nodes.

2. The skin on your face is more sensitive and you need to be more gentle while exfoliating.

Motorised brush- pic via www.beautylish.com

Motorised brush – pic via http://www.beautylish.com


There are many motorised brushes on the market but they often come as a cleaning system, with facial soaps and washes and various lotions. I’ve always wondered why some people need to clean their faces so rigourously? Surely your face can’t be so dirty you need to scrub it clean, every day? I realise if you wear makeup everyday, that can build up…… but do the same people scrub their bodies with brushes daily too? Maybe. I don’t.

Look this one is cute - from sephora.com

Look this one is cute – from sephora.com

Dry brush your face once or twice a week, just as you would your body, and if that’s too much for you make it once a week. Always moisturise afterwards – and try a light mist of a hydrosol or floral water after brushing and before moisturising.

And for the all natural person here's a cute soft natural jute brush by bodecare.com

And for the all natural person here’s a cute soft natural jute brush by bodecare.com

Now I’m totally psyched into dry brushing my entire body. The little face brush above is easily cleaned with any plain soap as the bristles are synthetic and slightly more gentle than natural bristles. The natural bristle body brushes are a bit harder to clean as it’s best not to get them too wet. You could use a comb with soap and water to pull through the bristles, and shake it out every time you use it.

I wonder if this cute little brush will help reduce the circles under my eyes? I’m going to try, and I’ll get back to you in a while. Stay tuned x

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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To Scrub or Not To Scrub? That is the Question!

The Soft, Supple Skin Series Part 1 – Skin Scrubs

Natural skin scrubs are easy to make, and thanks to the internet it’s easy to find recipes – but are they good for your skin?



Please check out my new book REVELATION! – Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils

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and many other stores worldwide as an ebook and paperback



Salt scrub - pic via themethuselahcenter.com

Salt scrub – pic via themethuselahcenter.com

Skin scrubs can make your skin feel soft and new, providing you don’t use them too often.

The skin is called the Integumentary system. It is the largest organ of the body – and yes it’s actually classified as an organ, just like your liver and heart are organs. The skin has its own intelligence and it separates us from our environment and gives us our unique quality. It is also the most exposed organ in the body and needs some care and attention.

The skin on our faces is finer than in other parts of our body, but generally speaking it works in a particular way. It is estimated we could be losing about 30,000 skin cells per hour. Yes, per hour! New cells are formed from within, and push up to the external layer of the epidermis. This means our skin is already taking care of itself in a complicated and intelligent fashion, so is it ok to use a scrub?

Salt makes a great base for a scrub

Salt makes a great base for a scrub but use fine salt or grind up coarse salt

I think using a scrub once every week to 10 days is good for your skin, just be careful when actually scrubbing your skin so as not to give yourself scratches. Also the scrub you make to use on your body, could be a little too rough for your face so plan ahead and do your recipe research first.

* Winter skin tends to need a scrub more frequently as hot showers and layers of clothing can interfere with the natural release of skin, and we can get that dry crocodile looking effect.

* Basically you will be washing dead skin down the drain rather than letting it pile up around the house.

* Ideally soak in a bath for 5 minutes. Use your scrub on all parts of your body, then soak for at least another 5 minutes for a real spa treatment feeling. Some of us only have a shower so make the best of what you have.

* Always moisturise after your scrub, and of course I recommend you use a body oil and face oil or serum which will give your skin a velvety smooth finish.

Sea salt - pic via cooks.ndtv.com

Sea salt – pic via cooks.ndtv.com

Bases for Your Body

* Fine sea salt is the best. Don’t use coarse as you will scratch yourself.

* I see recipes all the time using sugar but I just don’t understand why you would use sugar when you have salt?

* Oil and/or moisturising cream to make a slurry

* Green or pink clay

* a little water


Bases for Your Face

* moisturising cream on its own or with some white or yellow clay

* almond meal – I love this gentle scrub base for the face


Use a mortar and pestle to grind up anything you want to use in your scrub

Use a mortar and pestle to grind up anything you want to use in your scrub


Additives to Your Bases

* a few drops of essential oil (1 drop for face – 5 drops for body – or a few more) – don’t go overboard you don’t want to burn or irritate your skin, especially if you are adding other botanicals to it

* coffee grains

* almond meal

* fresh rind of lemon/orange/grapefruit/lime

* dried citrus peel

* ground cacao nibs

* ground rose petals

* ground pumice

* dried or fresh herbs

Use your imagination but also your intuition as to what might be good for your face and what is best left for your body.

lovely legs!

lovely legs!

A basic body scrub could look like this:

2 cups fine sea salt

grated lemon rind

3 – 5 drops lavender essential oil

a tablespoon of oil

a tablespoon of clay

a little water or cream to make a gooey paste


A face scrub:

3 teaspoons almond meal

1 teaspoon white clay

a little water to make a paste

1 drop bergamot essential oil


The only issue for me using these types of scrubs is that we are washing the gooey paste down the drain. I think that’s fine for the salt on it’s own but what about the oil and botanicals too?

Stay tuned for more in my Soft, Supple Skin Series and check out my YouTube channel too, thanks.

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Exfoliating Your Face and Body

Salt scrub - pic via themethuselahcenter.com

Salt scrub – pic via themethuselahcenter.com

Our skin is one of the largest systems in the body called the Integumentary System. It is our protector against the environment and something that holds us all together. We absorb nutrients through the skin and this is why I love to use nourishing essential oil blends on a daily basis. We eliminate toxins through our skin too.

Our skin is just as important as our other organs like the liver, pancreas, thyroid and everything else we are made of. It forms part of our personality by giving us a certain look and comes in a variety of colours. Our skin can easily be ignored but we really need to give it a helping hand. Moisturising is a must which will definitely keep skin looking younger and feeling more supple. Exfoliating is also a great benefit to skin to keep it healthy so it can do all the jobs we need it to do. It can help with general feelings of lethargy and will definitely wake you up too.

We exfoliate automatically as new skin cells are made and old cells dying make their way back into the universe, however, sometimes our skin needs a helping hand and we need to manually exfoliate for health and vanity reasons. Skin varies in texture and colour in different parts of the body so what is good for scrubbing your body, may not work very well for your face. We could use a few methods for exfoliation of the body:

Exfoliating Gloves - pic via www.aliexpress.com

Exfoliating Gloves – pic via http://www.aliexpress.com

1. Exfoliation Gloves

* environmentally friendly because they last a long time

* inexpensive

* use a little soap in the bath or the shower and don’t rub too hard it will hurt!

* once or twice per month is enough

dry skin brushing - pic via slenderresults.com

dry skin brushing – pic via slenderresults.com

2. Dry Skin Brushing

* lightly done on dry skin

* benefits are said to be varied from minimising cellulite to stimulating new cells growth and getting rid of old cells, improving the elimination of toxins

* once or twice a week is enough and shower afterwards

Body-Scrub - pic via blog.freepeople.com -

Body-Scrub – pic via blog.freepeople.com –

3. Scrub with a Product

* use a product that you love or make your own body scrub or face scrub

Face and body scrubs can be made easily at your place with lots of different ingredients that you may find in your cupboard.

almond meal - pic via urbanposer.blogspot.com

almond meal – pic via urbanposer.blogspot.com

Face Scrub

I often use almond meal but if I need more oomph I use LSA (a blend of linseeds, almonds, and sunflowers). Just mix a little water or coconut water with it and gently rub on your face. It’s not very user-friendly so do it over the bathroom sink so the little bits can fall off in that rather than on the floor. I rarely use essential oils with this one because it’s divine on its own.

When you add liquid to the almond meal it becomes milky and soft straight away. This almond milk is lovely and combines with the natural oil n the almonds will make your face so soft. It’s easy and it’s a winner. Try it! After rinsing off you wont even need to moisturise.

Sea salt - pic via cooks.ndtv.com

Sea salt – pic via cooks.ndtv.com

Body Scrub

I recommend using sea salt as a base and adding ingredients to that. I think I may have to write an article on the benefits of sea salt its an amazing treatment! You could choose Celtic or Dead Sea salt or a locally produced sea salt. Use fine grade as the coarse grade will scratch your skin. This is best done in a bath so you can soak in the salt afterwards. If you only have a shower then wet your body, step out of the stream or turn off the water, scrub then rinse.

If you are a lover of essential oils then try adding about 5 – 8 drops of the oils you choose, into 2 cups of salt and slosh in some oil to make a gooey, grainy paste. It can be olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, sesame oil or anything you have in the cupboard. You could even try coconut milk or coconut cream to take you away on an island holiday in your mind.

Then get creative by adding spices and extract from your cupboard like, cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla extract. For a more comprehensive list of suggestions see my article It’s Easy to Make Your Own Body Scrub.

Happy blending and remember to use your intention when you are creating your formulas. See my article about intention

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