Sweet Orange Essential Oil: A Must-Have for the Scent Lover

orange -  it's a great food AND oil!

orange – it’s a great food AND oil!

How can you NOT be captured by the beautiful colour, taste and scent of an orange?

Well, actually, I have a client who really can’t bare the smell of orange essential oils because it gives her a headache. Fair enough. But let’s all love it together – because we can!

* I use a lot of orange essential oil because it is light, fresh, sweet and blends well with ALL essential oils.

* I use a lot of orange essential oil because it is a simple representation of the beauty of life.

* I use a lot of orange essential oil because it lends itself to become the body of an aromatherapy blend, easily and effortlessly.

* I use a lot of orange essential oil because it appeals to most people by connecting to the inner child, or the innocence and happiness of children.

* I use a lot of orange essential oil because it always allows my client to completely relax and enjoy the experience of the treatment



Traditionally orange oil as been used for:

* helping with digestion and gut issues including symptoms of IBS

* as a tonic for depression and anxiety

* as a soothing agent to the skin, and in inflammatory skin conditions like acne

* as a mild stimulant to the lymphatic system

I would say most therapists use orange oil because of it’s scent and it’s intrinsic nature of joy and happiness.

orange = happiness

orange = happiness

Handy Hints

+ If you squeeze oranges for fresh juice keep the rind and rub it over the kitchen benches to act as a disinfectant and make your place smell great.

+ Use the rind in a bath to have a de-stress unwind moment of peace – no need for a bottle of oil go straight to the source.

+ Make a cake with whole boiled oranges and almond meal to have an aromatherapy treatment and a dessert at the same time.

+ Kids LOVE this oil so it’s good have around in case they need a little help to re-focus and chill out

And try these recipes:

Scent Your Space

1. “Good Morning Darling (Get out of Bed on the Wrong Side Did Ya?)”

To infuse your space with some soft happiness add these oils to a classic oil burner:

Orange          15 drops

Rosewood     5 drops

Cinnamon      5 drops


2. “I’ve Got a Headache”

To relieve tension and relax:

Orange                     10 drops

Lavender                  10 drops

Cedarwood Virginian  5 drops


Skin Scrub

To a cup of fine sea salt add a good splash of oil (almond, olive, sunflower) and either 5 drops of orange oil OR grate the rind of 2 oranges into the mix.


Pure Pulse Point Perfume

Anoint your chakras, or pulse points with the pure essential oil. Use the energy of the oil and the scent for transformation and energy protection. Always place a tiny residue under your nose for the scent to go to work on your mind.

In a little dish mix these oils and anoint your pulse points or chakras – 3 drops of essential oils and dilute with a few drops of carrier oil – always patch test first!

1. “Serendipity”

To invite openness into your life:

Orange         2 drops

Geranium     1 drop


2. “I’m Lovin Myself Sick Tonight”

To help you connect with your inner sexy goddess:

Orange       2 drops

Nutmeg      1 drop


Orange oil is an oil of happiness so…….

Remember to treat your self first and then everyone will benefit!

copyright suzannerbanks 2013

Ask the Angels about the Right Essential Oils for YOU!

Do angels really have wings?

Do angels really have wings?

Ever since my first workshop with Doreen Virtue, the angel channel/conduit, I’ve loved all things angelic. Doreen has written many books on the subject and has lots of beautifully illustrated card decks too. The basic teachings of Doreen and the angles are soft, kind and loving, and if the only thing you ever get out of it is feeling a little better about things, then that’s perfect.

I’m not an expert on the angels and archangels but what I do know, and what Doreen reminds us of frequently, is that you must ask the angels for help. You have free will and no one can enter your domain without consent. Interesting isn’t it? It mirrors life and how we can take on angst and negative emotions from others, when really, we have allowed it to enter us all along.

It’s irrelevant whether you “believe” in angels or not. If you don’t acknowledge magic, energy and quantum physics (all the same to me), then you need not be effected by anything here, nor will it bother you either way. It goes beyond belief and Deepak Chopra calls it “knowingness” – a deep seeded feeling in your entire being that allows you to resonate with the universe without your conscious mind ever needing to be called upon.

we are here

we are here

When you ask the angels for help with something, they will point you in the right direction. I ask the angels ALL the time to help me find something in the house that I’ve misplaced. Every time I get in the car I say “angels please surround and protect me and everyone else on the road today”.

So if you are unsure about what oils may the right ones for you today, why not ask the angels? This will also include your guides and deceased loved ones that may be around you at the time. The answer will come to you, silently placed in your mind or body. It may be a feeling you get, a flash across the screen of your mind or your hand may be guided toward a particular bottle of oil.

an angel comes to help

an angel comes to help

Trust this message.

This process is also a practice in strengthening your intuition. Could asking the angels be the same as asking your higher self for the answer? YES! It’s about developing a connection to the energetic universe around us and will look and feel differently to everyone.

energy vortex

energy vortex

We need YOU to open yourself to higher energies!

We need YOU to practice developing your intuition.

We need YOU to be the guiding light of compassion in your life to inspire those around you.

We need YOU to ask yourself, the angels and your guides for help on the earthly plane so we can evolve NOW. The time is now.

Remember to ask the angels for help!


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Ginger – an Oil of Warmth and Movement

ginger - a fantastic food and oil

ginger – a fantastic food and oil

I used ginger oil in 2 treatments last week, and loved every minute of them.

Treatment 1

Rosemary, Ginger and Geranium

My intention for this blend was to create warmth in the muscles, and release muscle tension so there was more room for fluidity and movement.

The blend was stunning and the geranium was the little sweet treat the ginger and rosemary needed to be more appealing to the nose, and to add a little happiness and joy.

Treatment 2

Ginger, Rose Geranium and Orange

This blend was created to treat stomach upset and IBS. It was important to make ginger the star here, so I just added some rose geranium (because my client likes the scent, it’s a delightful flower oil that inspires joy, and I must have had it on my mind from the previous blend) and some orange for sweetness. Having bad digestion can indicate someone may not be enjoying and “digesting” life.

It must have been the ginger-geranium week and these two oils work really well together. So do ginger and orange!

Geranium in my street

Geranium in my street

So what is Ginger good for?

The ginger root is used for

– treating upset stomach and sea sickness

– making a hot drink with lemon and honey to reduce the symptoms of a cold

– warming the extremities by drinking ginger tea or taking a straight shot of ginger juice

The essential oil can be used for the same things physically, and in a meta-physical sense I use ginger oil to

– negate the colder/harder parts of my mind and thinking

– enhance my ability to communicate in a softer way

– help to focus on dharma and purpose in life

Here are some recipes to try:

Scent Your Space

In a classic oil burner or diffuser add these oils

“Joan of Arc”

To inspire your inner fire and find the purpose of your life;

Ginger               10 drops

Mandarin            8 drops

Peru Balsam      6 drops



To allow room for movement and change in your body (particularly heart chakra) and mind;

Ginger              10 drops

Rosewood         8 drops

Petitgrain           6 drops


Shower Steam

Open a bottle of ginger and pour 10 drops into the bottom of the shower (cover the drain with a cloth or your foot). Breathe in deeply. This will soften your emotions and help you feel compassion for others.

Good for before work, if you have any challenging stuff going on at the office.


Pure Pulse Point Perfume

Anoint your beautiful self with a few drops of oil. It’s a secret treatment for YOU, and YOU only.

Mix these oils together and dab on your wrists, heart, anywhere you are called to do so. If you are not sure ask the angels for guidance – they will silently place the answer in your mind.

In a little dish mix these oils and anoint your pulse points or chakras – 3 drops of essential oils and dilute with a few drops of carrier oil – always patch test first!

“Give Me Strength”

Garner a little extra energy for the day ahead;

Ginger            2 drops

Lavender        1 drop


“Kindness, Compassion and Baby Animals”

When YOU feel you need to show more compassion to another person;

Ginger                     1 drop

Rose in 3% jojoba   2 drops


Make ginger oil your friend and rejoice in the amazing results!

Remember to treat your self first, then everyone will benefit.

copyright suzannerbanks 2013

Essential Oils 3% in Jojoba – What are they, and Why?

3% of essential oils in the bottle of jojoba

3% of essential oils in the bottle of jojoba

Oils that are sold as 3% in jojoba are mostly done so because of the cost. These oils are considered premium oils and are beautiful and more expensive than the regular oils like lavender and orange, for example.

These oils are usually sold this way:





German Chamomile

Roman Chamomile


and now also






Violet leaf

Tomato leaf……. and others.

When I was writing my last article I had to think clearly about what ratios I suggested for making a facial moisturiser of essential oil of rose, in rosehip oil. (See Rose and Rosehip – A Winning Combination for Youthful Skin http://wp.me/p2R7rE-cb )

When making an oil blend for a client’s treatment I usually take the dropper out and free pour the 3% blend into the bottle. When making other products I usually use the 100% pure oils, or not at all.

So I thought about it.

thinking....... pic via designthinkingworkshop2011.wordpress.com

thinking……. pic via designthinkingworkshop2011.wordpress.com

Then scribbled ratios, percentages and varying numbers on the page. Then sent a message to my aromatherapist Vicky to ask her opinion.


There is 3% of pure rose oil in each drop (of the 3% in jojoba). Imagine dividing that drop into 100 parts and then times it by 3. Miniscule.


Yes so I’m saying there’s 0.03 drops of rose oil in 1 drop of a blended oil. So if I wanted 1 drop of rose oil I’d have to multiply by 30.


If you multiply by 30 you’d get 90% pure. Now my brain’s fried.

33.3 drops (of the blend) is 1 pure drop…..I think”

So there you have it. How many aromatherapists does it take to do the maths?

Vicky just uses the 3% blends as if they are pure and adds a little more. She does this because she commented on the power and strength these oils seem to have. So even though the oils are far less concentrated, you won’t need as much as a standard oil anyway. But when it comes to recommending ratios I thought I would decide on my own and stick with it.

amplify your aura with a nourishing body oil

amplify your aura with a nourishing body oil

I made an oil for a treatment with a single oil – rose – to test it out. I decided to multiply by 3. If it was pure rose oil I would use the standard ratio, but using the blended oil I’ve decided to triple it:

50 mls of carrier oil

25 drops of pure rose (or less)


75 drops of rose 3% in jojoba


When I made an oil the other day for a treatment I used 3 oils in the blend. I doubled the 3% oil (rather than tripled)  as it seemed to work better:

50 mls carrier oil

Roman chamomile 3 %  12 drops (pure would have been 6 or less)

Bergamot                       12 drops

Frankincense                    6 drops


oh so pretty

oh so pretty voilets – it’s the leaf NOT the petals that are used to make the oil

Often these stunning essential oils that are blended with jojoba in a 3% ratio, are very strong too and so less is needed.

The benefits of having these gorgeous oils is that they are ready made perfumes!

Nothing is a sweeter scent than a few drops of jasmine, rose or neroli.

No alcohol to cheapen the lovey roundness of the oils.

No superfluous packing.

No hidden marketing costs.

Just a little amber bottle full of divine love.


copyright suzannerbanks 2013

Rose and Rosehip – A Winning Combination for Youthful Skin



I declare the best facial moisturiser in the entire world to be essential oil of rose with rosehip oil. Some may disagree but I don’t care because I love it. And here’s why ……

Rosehip Oil

the orange colour of reosehip oil

the orange colour of rosehip oil

Rosehips are the little buds left on a rose bush after the flowers have gone. They are high in Vitamin C and are now being used in supplements for immune strength and as an anti-inflammatory agent in joint formulas too. We have been drinking delightfully pink rosehip tea for years too, which is high in anti-oxidants and can help with colds and flu. It is the fruit of the rose bush and is also used in jams and jellies.

The oil can be extracted by cold pressing the buds or by using CO2 extraction process. This sounds a bit technical but it is actually a good way to extract oils as not much energy is needed, and the products are very near to their natural state.

It is obvious that all these amazing properties are present in the oil which is a dark orange colour, quite viscous with a distinct scent. It is luxurious to say the least and I find it funny when I read the back of the labels of some retail products that say to use “a few drops”. I use way more than that everyday. I use a decent pump’s worth. It is hydrating. soothing, and the Vitamin C really keeps your skin looking and feeling youthful!

Sometimes the scent is what puts some people off but I use it straight and love it. This is where mixing some rose essential oil into it will turn it into a stunning serum.

Rose Essential Oil

Rosa damascena - the most used rose for oil production

Rosa damascena – the most used rose for oil production

As a skin oil rose is amazing because it treats heat and redness in the skin. It is a complex oil revered through the ages for its use in beauty and femininity. Great for any skin condition from eczema and psoriasis through to scars and sunburn.

It is called the “Queen of Oils” and will make you feel just that. It is an oil of inner strength and wisdom.

Who wouldn’t want to have it everyday? I’d take a drop of rose oil over any perfume or any scented skin cream, any day.

Quantities for mixing (assuming you have rose 3% in jojoba):

5 mls rosehip oil          add           4 drops

10 mls rosehip oil        add           7 drops

15 mls rosehip oil        add          11 drops

20 mls rosehip oil        add          15 drops

25 mls rosehip oil         add          19 drops

30 mls rosehip oil        add          22 drops

(These are my own ratios for any oil in 3% jojoba for the face. It will be a higher concentration for the body. They are also rounded up and down to get a whole drop – unless you can get 1/2 a drop or 3/4’s of a drop, but I cant seem to do that very well!)

Or just pump some rosehip onto your fingers and add a few drops of rose oil. Sometimes we just need to simplify things.

create your own natural skincare

create your own natural skin care

For more notes on rose oil please see my article “Stop and Smell The Roses”


copyright suzannerbanks 2013

Softly and Gently with the Chamomiles

Roman chamomile Anthemis nobilis or Chamaemelum nobile

Roman chamomile Anthemis nobilis or Chamaemelum nobile

What a pretty flower! I always loved daisies as a child, and the chamomiles belong to this species called Asteraceae or Compositae. Chamomile is famous for it’s soothing nature and tranquil effects, and is used in both herbal medicine and aromatherapy alike. I’ve always thought of Aromatherapy as a specialist part of herbal medicine, powerful because it insists we use our sense of smell for healing and interacting with the world.

1. Roman Chamomile 

Anthemis nobilis or Chamaemelum nobile

This chamomile has a sweet honey like aroma, and appeals to many people because of this softness. Roman chamomile is usually found in a 3% jojoba blend because of its price. It is often overlooked in favour of German chamomile but please give it a try. It is one of those oils that gives an immediate reaction of bliss.

In aromatherapy Roman chamomile is the one used as an anti-spasmodic treatment, an tonic for unclenching, that may also help the smooth muscle of the gut relax. Also great for muscle spasm and tension and general fatigue and stress.

Best of all, I like to use Roman chamomile as a perfume straight from the bottle. No doubt people will be attracted to you when you wear this oil as you will smell divine and will be radiating a sense of calm and knowingness. Try these recipes

“Floatin’ on a Cloud”

For release of gripping tension and pain in the body make an oil blend with 3 teaspoons of carrier oil and add:

Roman Chamomile 3%      8 drops

Marjoram                           2 drops



As a pulse point perfume mix these drops together and anoint your chosen spot –  for attracting and resonating with a goddess-like energy

Roman Chamomile 3 %    3 drops

Rosewood                        2 drops


German chamomile - Matricaria chamomilla or Matricaria recutita)

German chamomile – Matricaria chamomilla or Matricaria recutita)

2. German Chamomile

This tiny little flower is a different genus to Roman chamomile and what sets it apart from most oils is its blue colour. During the distillation process, one of the consituents – chamazulene – is changed to give a deep blue hue to the oil. This oil is best used as an anti-inflammatory and works well with lavender in this sense. It is great for stress, anxiety, and any tension in the body. It is a strongly scented herbaceous oil and I would not say this is an oil to use as a perfume. Think BLUE – think COOLING! A good oil for joints and muscles as well as an over thinking mind. German chamomile is more readily found then Roman chamomile and will also be in a 3% jojoba blend. Try these remedies:


For a treatment of painful joints make an oil blend with 3 teaspoons of carrier oil, rub over the joint and cover with a bandage. Rest. Add these essential oils to create your treatment:

German chamomile  3%   8 drops

Lavender                          2 drops

Peppermint                       1 drop



After a stressful day stop your mind from over-processing by mixing the following into a little container and rubbing on your temples and third eye. Remember to put a little of the oil residue inside your nose to gain maximum benefit, and dilute with a few drops of carrier oil.

German Chamomile           2 drops

Orange                               2 drops


The chamomiles are your ancient tool for stress release.

Remember to use your intention when you make your blends to give extra power and personality to the formula.  For more information on intention see my article What Do I Mean when I Say “Use Your Intention”?

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Essential Oils for a Seasonal Change – Northern and Southern Hemispheres

hemispheres & seasons

hemispheres & seasons

We are well into our new seasons now but that means different things for everyone, depending on where you are on our planet. As usual, most popular culture tends to favour the northern hemisphere, but believe me people, we are alive and well in southern hemisphere.

Yay for us in the southern hemisphere

Yay for us in the southern hemisphere

There are people going into spring where it is still cold and snowing, and others who are already warming up. There are some having a mild autumn, and those who are already feeling the chill.

What essential oil will you be using this season? I’ve narrowed it down to 4 oils I love – with a few body oil recipes – so you can coat your body with a gorgeous scent while helping to get in tune with nature.

Southern Hemisphere

the fennel plant

the fennel plant


For a cooler autumn fennel is always my choice. It is an oil of nurturing and loving yourself. It has a soft, rounded liquorice scent and blends well with so many other oils. It helps with digestion and generally feels quite warming. Eat the fennel bulb roasted with garlic for an inside-out treatment.

For a body oil blend add these drops to 3 teaspoons of oil (see my article Aromatherapy – It’s as easy as 1 2 3 for further information on quantities and ratios)

“So Soft and Sweet”

Fennel             2 drops

Orange            4 drops

Geranium        2 drops


the lovely mandarin

the lovely mandarin


For an autumn that’s still warm and lovely try Mandarin. The fruit starts to appear now, full of Vitamin C to prepare us for the colder winter months. Mandarin is an oil of happiness, and it helps us remember the hot days of late summer.

“Red. Warm”

Mandarin                     5 drops

Cedarwood  Virginian  2 drops

Cinnamon                    1 drop


Northern Hemisphere

absolutely stunning lavender fields via reddit.com

absolutely stunning lavender fields via reddit.com


A cooler spring, even with snow, brings promise. The days are getting longer and everything seems a bit lighter. Lavender is a great oil to use in these cooler spring climates as it is an oil that can be used for almost anything. It is an oil of solidarity and its purple energy can help in bringing lost energy to the fore, so you can embrace the new season with gusto.

“I’m Getting Ready for….. Something”

Lavender            4 drops

Lemon                4 drops


the fragrant jasmine blossom

the fragrant jasmine blossom


Jasmine is the perfect warm spring oil. It blooms early spring and I know when I see jasmine getting ready to flower around the inner city streets of Sydney, I get very excited. It is a sexy, gorgeous oil enticing sensuality to reveal itself. Jasmine can bring us out of our winter shell and propel us into the fun of summer.


Jasmine (3% in jojoba)      8 drops

Juniper                              2 drops


North or south of the equator, we can’t stop the planet turning and giving us light and shade in our lives. Embrace the new season, it could hold some magical secrets.

Remember to use your intention when you make your oil blends – you are the alchemist of your life! (also see my article What Do I Mean when I Say “Use Your Intention”)


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Essential Oil Recipes To Get Yourself from “I’m a Loser” to “Things are Looking Better”

positive attitude via chasingmiracle.com

positive attitude via chasingmiracle.com

Sometimes we are just not positive all the time. That’s life, that’s hormones, that’s being human. Granted some people – like Wayne Dyer for instance – is positive most of the time, but I’m sure he has a moment or two when things aren’t completely rosy. It’s times like this we need to be our own champions of happiness and acceptance. Positive self talk is an important part of survival and a skill that needs to be practised. It’s great when you have someone to talk to about not feeling good about yourself, but that is not always the case. If you can muster up the energy to get some oils out and formulate a gorgeous scent for yourself, you are on the road to altering your perception of reality.

And what is reality anyway?

What is reality? via fusionanomoly.net

What is reality? via fusionanomoly.net

Our realities are a projection of our inner world.

So when you need to change your reality here are some great oil blends to help you on the path of least resistance.

Body Oils 

In 3 teaspoons of carrier oil add the following drops. If you want to make a bottle follow my article here for the correct ratios  Aromatherapy – It’s as Easy as 1 2 3.

To improve thoughts like “I’m a fat, ugly, loser” try

“I AM Alive, Yay”

Ylang Ylang    3 drops (help release anger and frustration, get sexy)

Mandarin        4 drops (innocence of life, happiness)

Fennel            1 drop (love yourself, be kind to yourself)


To improve thoughts like “I never get it right, she is so successful, look what they have”

“Free Spirit”

Cinnamon                  2 drops (inspires loving what you do for work)

Cedarwood Virginian  2 drops (connect to your spirit)

Lemongrass               4 drops (stimulates energy in the etheric body and physical body)


To improve thoughts like “I feel alone, I’m lonely, I want a partner” try

“OOO So HOT Right Now”

Sandalwood             1 drop (spirituality, sacred sexuality, tap into kundalini energy)

Rosewood               3 drops (flow of love and giving and receiving in the heart chakra)

Pink Grapefruit         4 drops (sparkle, cleanse old unwanted feelings)


Pure Pulse Point Perfumes

Anoint your chakras, or pulse points with the pure essential oil. Use the energy of the oil and the scent to transform your funk. Place a few drops into a container, dilute with a few drops of carrier oil, mix with your finger and anoint. Always place a tiny residue under your nose for the scent to go to work on your mind.

To improve feelings of deep regret and unhappiness try

“One Moment in Time”

Nutmeg       1 drop (mysticism, open your mind)

Lime            1 drop (happiness, my uniqueness is my forte)

Lemon         1 drop (refresh, reload new feelings)


To improve feelings of sadness, grief in any form and emotional pain try

“Breathe In, Breathe Out”

Marjoram             1 drop (relief, calming)

Rose Geranium    1 drop (happiness, joy, fun)

Juniper                 1 drop (release watery emotions)


To improve feelings of loss, not fitting in and not understanding life try

“I Share My Cells with an Elephant”

Spikenard                1 drop (spiritual knowledge of where you are in the universe)

Neroli in 3% jojoba   3 drops (immortality, fountain of youth, stress relief)


The most powerful ingredient when blending your oils is the subtle power of intention. When you place your intention, into your oil formula, you will create a masterpiece of healing through scent. For more information on intention see my article ( What Do I Mean when I Say “Use Your Intention”?

Remember to treat yourself first and then everyone will benefit.

copyright suzannerbanks 2013

Stop and Smell the Roses

Rosa damascena - the most used rose for oil production

Rosa damascena – the most used rose for oil production

Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.

Gertrude Stein, 1935

Some say Gertrude Stein is referring to the rose like this to express her feeling that things are what they are. According to Wikipedia: “In Stein’s view, the sentence expresses the fact that simply using the name of a thing already invokes the imagery and emotions associated with it,..”

So when you say rose do you invoke the scent, or the colour, or everything? It is the most romanticised flower in history and appears in many poems, prose and plays. It is often associated with love and intimate moments of the heart.

Do you take time to stop and smell the roses? What is life if we don’t connect to its beauty at every turn? The scent of a beautiful rose is a true gift of nature which invites us to convene with the oneness of the universe in the now!

Rosa centifolia - another rose used to make essential oil

Rosa centifolia – another rose used to make essential oil

I never buy a rose that doesn’t have a scent – to me that’s the most important part. Isn’t it a wonderful thing when you enter your house to be greeted by the natural perfume of roses? Essential oil of rose is made by either steam distillation or as an absolute (where the scent is extracted into a fat and then lifted by a solvent). I tend not to buy absolutes as there seems to be a heavy chemical intervention and I’d rather have my oils extracted in the simplest way.

Rose oil is a complex arrangement of hundreds of molecules, some of which have still not been identified. No wonder it is referred to as the “Queen of Oils”.  We know Cleopatra used roses in her beauty regime, and it is claimed she used rose petals in her boudoir to seduce Marc Anthony from the Roman Empire. The Romans used roses too, and the mention of roses appear in Christian, Buddhist and Confucian literature. Roses are seen in Asian motifs dating back to 3000 BC. It seems as though commercial production of rose oils and rose by products can be traced to Persia in the 10th century. The oil was referred to as “attar of roses” or “rose otto”, which is a term still used today.

Rosa gallica - a sub species named "James Mason"

Rosa gallica – a sub species named “James Mason”

So what can we use use rose oil for?

* use rose oil to help with any heat or infection in the body (you would put a few drops into some carrier oil and smooth it on the face and body –  a great treatment for any illness)

* use this rose body oil to help take the sting out of eczema and psoriasis

* a drop on the temple to relieve stress and tension and counteract a headache

* a great oil for attending to grief (use it a single drop on the heart chakra or in a personal mist or room mist)

* a drop added to your facial oil or cream will refine your skin and give you one of the most powerful aromatherapy treatments in the world. You will feel soft, unruffled, connected to the universe and ready to be the Queen of your world

* a few drops of rose oil in an oil burner will create a scented paradise of peace and calm so it’s great for upset children, the elderly and even pets (if you are using 3% in jojoba it’s not really suitable for an oil burner – you will need to buy the pure oil)

* a drop or two in the right place, as a perfume, will do amazing things for your self esteem as rose is the oil of self-love and nurturing

When buying rose oil you will mostly find it comes in a 3 % dilution in jojoba oil and this is simply because it is a premium oil and is very expensive. Even if you buy wholesale, pure rose oil can cost hundreds of dollars. It is precious!

Remember, treat yourself first then everyone will benefit!


copyright suzannerbanks 2013