Oils for Meditation

aaahhh meditation!

Meditation is a wonderful thing, and doesn’t really need any added help. It’s about being, not doing. It’s about connecting and detaching. So do we need essential oils to help our meditation practice? Probably not, but sometimes it adds anchoring to the ritual and helps some relax into the process. When you vapourise oils in a classic “oil burner” with a candle, the flame acts as an agent of transformation.

I love this oil burner from pagethirtythree.com

My choices for meditation oils are:

Lavender – I use lavender for everything! It is as warming as it is cooling, It is calming and nurturing, It is centering and grounding, and brings together your energy. It is a well-known oil for relaxation due to its high ‘linalool” content. A few deep breaths of lavender at the start of your meditation will help you zone in to yourself quite quickly. My motto is “If in doubt, use lavender”.

Frankincense – oh ye olde magic of frankincense! It starts out as a resin from the tree and is then steam distilled to make the oil. It is the oil of breathing deeply and has its roots in spiritual and religious practices. By breathing deeply and expanding your lungs, more oxygen can flow into your body. The combination of increased oxygen and the natural feeling of relaxation when you take a deep breath, adds up to a very peaceful vibration. It is in this state we can connect with our higher selves, and essentially “God”. It is almost used in churches as a scent to induce a type of hypnotic trance.
For a quite peaceful meditation use frankincense oil.

Rose – the ‘queen’ of oils, it is an oil of self nurturing and self-love. Rose can be used for everything from heat exhaustion to cuts and wounds. The scent is divine and when you are in the presence of pure rose oil you wont be able to escape is enveloping nature. I think of rose crystal quartz when I use this oil too, the love crystal. Shakti Gawain talks about “pink bubbles of love” in her revolutionary book from 1978 “Creative Visualization”. Pink, oil of rose, and rose quartz go hand in hand – I often surround myself with the energy of rose quartz, and rose oil, when I feel I need a bit of help and kindness. Use rose oil in your meditation to give yourself a feeling of security, softness and love so you can open to the messages of the universe.

unpolished rose quartz borrowed from angelreikihealing.com

So many oils can be used for the practice of meditation just be guided by your intuition and your personal fragrance preferences. You don’t even need to vapourise the oils you could just put a drop on your upper lip (patch test for sensitivity first).

Some more relaxing oils for meditation are:

orange, bergamot, petitgrain, lemon balm, neroli,

Some expansive oils:

pine, cypress, fir, tea tree, basil

The most important thing is to set some time aside to meditate – and that can be so hard in our busy daily lives! The oil is the icing on the cake.

Meditate, and the whole world will benefit.

10 Great Reasons to use Essential Oils

There’s a 10 in there somewhere

1. They are from a natural source and have a distinctive scent

Essential oils come from a natural source and you can detect a deepness in their scent that can never be replicated.

2. Essential Oils can set a Mood

When you use essential oil in your home or space, their chemical structures positively effect your emotions and those who enter you’re scented zone. This doesn’t happen with GLADE or other chemical, synthetic fragrances.

3. Oils can support your life journey

Your spirit will be uplifted when you use essential oils to conjure change in your life. This is not about the emotions, it’s about acknowledging your soul with heavenly scents from nature.

4. Essential oils are great for First Aid

Essential oils are great for first aid. Lavender is #1 and Tea Tree is #2. When in doubt use lavender as it has anti-inflammatory and cell regenerating properties. Tea Tree is more

sneakily borrowed from jigzone.com

sneakily borrowed from jigzone.com




5. Use them in your cleaning/cleansing regime

Add essential oils to your cleaning products to leave your home beautifully, naturally scented while removing bacteria and inviting new beginnings.

6. Use oils for a great sleep

Induce and enhance sleep with chamomile, lavender, lemon balm and even orange. The best way to do this is to vapourise the oils in the bedroom. This is great for calming kids down in the evening.

7. They can nurture your skin

Add a drop or two to your moisturiser to stimulate cell growth and leave a wonderful, natural calm energy.

8. Essential oil will make you the envy of your friends

Everyone will notice when you wear essential oils as a perfume or body oil. They have far reaching effects, they are quite magical and a little goes a long way.

9. Essential oils have a medicinal history

When you use an essential oil you are connecting to the history of the plant through the ages. Most oils and the plants they come from, are the original medicines. Using these plants as medicines, early man was connected to Earth as a life giver.

sneakily borrowed from scientificillustration.tumblr.com

10. Essential oils can help you create

Essential oils will help you tap into your creative force by working through your brain and affecting how you see the world. They use their subtle power to weave your subconscious mind into your everyday life. The results can be amazing!

Cavewoman smells Caveman – Let’s get back to Nature

sneakily borrowed from cinemareto.com

Back in the caveman days and the times of early man, scent was incredibly important. The sense of smell was pure, heightened and could mean the difference between life and death. Subtle scent was just as important as the mental recognition of smells. Pheromones, hormones and other ‘mones (hehehehe) would have been detected by the ancient part of the brain and translated to information instantly. Cavewoman may have been in the presence of a caveman, and instantly thought “oh yeah he seems alright” (or something like that). This instant chemical signal was inbuilt to stimulate the procreation of humanity. Thank goodness because we may not be here today without this incredible design.

The ancient part of the brain still exists in us today and it’s called the Limbic System. This system comes into play when you smell something and are immediately connected to a past time in your life, a person or an event. In NLP it’s called anchoring and it would have happened without you even being aware of it. Scent is powerful, carries messages and helps us connect to a more simple way of life.

Scent is information. Just like touching something and knowing it’s smooth, rough, hot or cold. Like looking at something and assimilating the view, the colours and shapes. Like hearing a song and loving or hating it. Like tasting a food and smiling and laughing because it tastes so, so, so good! It’s all data we take in to make sense of the world.

Unfortunately over the past 100 years we have moved from natural scents into a world that is so bombarded with chemicals, synthetic fragrances and contrived perfumes in cleaning products, personal care products and everything in between. I went to the supermarket the other day to buy degradable garbage bags. Every product except for the one I bought had infused fragrances. There was lemon, vanilla, fresh forest, or something ridiculous like that, and a couple of others. I said “really?” out loud. No wonder we are suffering from cancer, diabetes, MS, autism and anything else you can think of. Harsh chemicals are

E V E R Y W H E R E!

Come on people I know you are with me here. Lets get back to basics. Chuck some lemon juice in the rinse cycle if you want your clothes to smell lemony fresh. Wipe down the kitchen bench with a drop or two of eucalyptus oil, or rub an orange peel over it. Boil some rosemary leaves in water for a beautiful anti bacterial solution for wiping down surfaces and objects. Get with the natural programme – use the bounty of nature.

You will become more sensitive to false scent and become more highly attuned to the vibration of the universe.

Resonate with purity, and we can all rise to the next level of evolution together!

Dont Read This

sneakily borrowed from clkr.com

Don’t read this if you want to know how I see the world, and how we can all help ourselves and each other move to the next level.

Can you feel it? There’s a buzz in the air. Sometimes its positive and sometimes its negative, but undoubtedly, there’s a level of tangible electricity.

Everyone I talk to has a different opinion on the state of the world, but there is one common thread and that is that there is something changing. You’re right. There are a lot of things changing, and they have been for many years but now we are seeing the visible signs. The easiest accessible sign is the internet and the way it has changed our lives. We can connect with someone on the opposite side of the world without having to know them. We can do this through breakthroughs in  technology and the fact that this technology is available to more and more people on Earth. We can topple governments and create change at a grassroots level like never before. It is quite amazing. I know I’m giving away my age here but I remember talking on the phone to friends as a kid and saying how amazing it would be, to be able to see the person you were talking too on a screen. It was futuristic and very sci-fi. The future is here and if you think time is going fast now, it will only appear to be going faster as we expand in the space-time continuum.

Essential oils represent a link to our past, but a beacon for the future in the way that they are very simple healers. Healers of our collective psyche and healers of our individual worlds.

Don’t keep reading if you don’t want to know my secret to the evolution of human consciousness.

There is so much sickness, war and horror on Earth, you would think by now we could all leave that behind. It’s really archaic and very un-evolved. Financial institutions have started their rocky downfall  – it is one great sign that we are dissolving the old structures to rebuild a way of life that is inclusive, loving and positive. Exclusivity isn’t enduring. Love and inclusion are.

Don’t keep reading this if you don’t want to discover my simplistic (and naive) formula for our rise to the next level.

It’s time to reach out to your fellow earth dwellers, on a one-to-one basis, exchange information and love. We don’t need to be controlled by hierarchies of terror. Just love. And that’s what you are doing now if you are reading this, writing your own blog, interacting on Twitter or Facebook, or going out into your community in the flesh.

I said to a friend the other day “In a few years, maybe lifetimes, the economies of the world will be filled with individuals, exchanging information and products, on a basic level, one-to-one. The individual needs will be met by the other individuals on Earth. The world as we know it now, will cease to exist, and we will have jumped to the next level.”

If everyone just had a drop of lavender oil each day, it might come faster.

A drop of lavender goodness

One drop of lavender could save the world.

Scent. Intention. Consciousness. Essential oils

Scent – Intention – Consciousness – Essential oils

I hope this is the start of something wonderful. I’ll be musing on expanding our consciousness through scent and essential oils, and the evolution of humanity. I’ll also be giving you some easy recipes and hints on how you can make your world a beautiful place.


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I love essential oils, their subtle energetic power, amazing scents, and their connection to times in our history. I am an Aromatherapist and treat people through massage, energetic balancing and essential oils. Part of the magic of Aromatherapy is combining your attention, then intention, to create a beautiful blend of oils and to magnify their healing powers and invite beauty into your life.


Essential oils are like carriers of the truth and they are fractal in nature, which means they have the same fundamental building blocks as everything else in the natural universe. They can connect us to our own emotions, our bodies and our souls. They are peaceful, scented drops of love.

The easiest way to use an essential oil is open the bottle and take a huge SNIFF! The molecules will be carried straight to the brain and will effect the way you feel emotionally, influence hormones which will in turn lead to changes in the body, and connect us to the oneness of all living things. If you don’t believe me then just try it for a few days – whenever you need a boost just take a SNIFF of anything really. Lavender is always a great place to start as it brings a sense of solidarity, calm and evenness.

Caught on camera somewhere in Sydney

Of course using essential oils all over your body is a great way to nourish your skin, soften tired aching muscles and generally make you feel and smell wonderful. For the novice it’s a bit more fiddly, but all it takes is a few drops of essential oil in a teaspoon of almond oil to produce a natural emollient and therapeutic treatment.

bliss with roses

My advice to you is not to get hung up on specifics when using essential oils – just start experimenting and enjoying them for what they are. Allow your intuition to play a part in your own aromatic journey, and in fact improve and flex your intuition as you go, with the amazing world of Aromatherapy. Why not start using essential oils as a natural perfume? Synthetic perfumes can contain toxic ingredients and are thin and weak in comparison to the substantial nature of essential oils.

Dive in and be transformed by the enticing scents of nature.