A Bouquet of Scent


Hello natural beauties! Do you ever wonder if a particular essential oil will blend with another essential oil? I feel you’re already really great at creating essential oil blends, because you’ve picked up so much information and hints and tips along the way.  However, here’s a little video I did to show you how to create a bouquet of scent … and as I type the word “bouquet” a few times I realise what a quaint old-fashioned word it is. I’m reclaiming it as cool! 



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When a perfumer creates a perfume she will use scent strips to create her bouquet. But as you may not have them, use my little method to try out your blend as you are in the midst of creating. Here’s a pic from a perfume workshop I recently led. The attendees have their scent strips to put together in a type of bouquet. Then they can decide what combinations they like.

perfume workshop Sydney


So if you don’t have these scent strips just grab all your bottles and waft away …




What combinations have you recently created?


Jay and his sister-in-law Katrina after creating their own perfumes in Sydney


How to Smell an Essential Oil – Video


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How to Smell an Essential Oil


Is there a correct way to smell an essential oil?

Well, I suppose the most important thing is to be careful if you’re a sensitive person.

Once you’ve had the experience of the essential oil you can probably be a bit more adventurous with how deep your inhalation is. Inhaling an essential oil can wake you up, stimulate your brain, and give you a wonderful burst of healing scent.

There’s a cute tip in here too – how to sample a blend of oils before you go ahead and scent your space or make a body oil blend. I might say “stunning” a few too many times …..


Thanks so much for watching lovey people.

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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