Using Essential Oils in the Time of Covid 19

Hello natural beauties! Keep calm and use essential oils. If you are an essential oil enthusiast I know you’ll be making your own anti-bacterial concoctions. And the words to note here are ANTI-BACTERIAL and Corona VIRUS. Some essential oils have been shown to exhibit antiviral activity, but so far we can’t say for certain that any oil will stop you from getting the virus. In fact, we cant say that at all. But by using essential oils for cleaning surfaces and hands, we MAY help limit our exposure to the virus and reduce exposure to other bacteria too.


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Dried lemon myrtle leaves – pic via

I’ve started making a re-usable hand wipe with essential oils and carrying it with me in my bag. I make a new one every couple of days, using different essential oils, and put the old one in the wash. This doesn’t have alcohol in it so I can’t say it has complete anti-bacterial capabilities, however, it’s the first line of defense and soft on your hands. And why not use essential oils if you have them? It’s definitely better than nothing.

Check out my little video:

A quick, easy, reusable and portable first line of defense for your hands on the go

What essential oils will be best to use? I love lemon myrtle best of all for an antiviral oil along with lemon-scented tea tree. I’d also go with thyme and oregano as antibacterial and include lavender and eucalyptus and tea tree – just for starters. Myrrh as well.

Which oils do some high profile aromatherapy experts recommend as having anti-viral activity?

Salvatore Battaglia recommends these oils:

clove, hyssop, manuka, patchouli, thyme, marjoram, peppermint, oregano, eucalyptus, tea tree, myrtle, sandalwood, rose and a few more too!

Patchouli leaf – pic via

Dr E. Joy Bowles: gives some advice from March 12, 2020:

“So people are clamoring for a natural preventative for the new virus… Best of all is to do all the health-building activities you know about already: EAT HEALTHY, SLEEP ENOUGH, EXERCISE EVERY DAY, DE-STRESS… And really DO…

We don’t know which essential oils kill this new virus… It’s too new. By all means be a test subject for your own experiments, but please, keep a record of what you do and the results… Could be helpful later…”

Thyme is not vulgar! Hehe

Farida Irani notes these oils: lime, clove,

Dr Penoel refers to monoterpenols as having antiviral effects: lavender, melissa, peppermint, basil, oregano, marjoram, sage, clary sage, and thyme among others.

Patricia Davis says: bergamot, eucalyptus and tea tree.

Sylla Sheppard-Hanger lists quite a few and here’s some for you: rosewood, cinnamon, myrrh, palmarosa, eucalyptus, melissa, helichrysum, eucalyptus, lemon, thyme, hyssop, ravensara, niaouli…

I used patchouli, lemon scented eucalyptus, myrtle and oregano in my surface and hand sanitiser

I also made my own surface and hand sanitiser with perfume grade alcohol and oregano, lemon eucalyptus, patchouli and myrtle (I ran out of lemon myrtle). I used 26 drops in 50mls, but 20 drops would be enough. Be careful when using alcohol on your hands for extended periods of time because it will really dry them out. A great base to use is aloe vera gel – but it can be a bit sticky and does not contain alcohol, therefore much less effective and is not great for surfaces! It’s more like a hand softener and conditioner if you’ve been using drying and harsh hand sanitisers. See pic above.

I hope you take this all on board and use these beautiful gifts from nature, to help your immunity and help everyone at the same time. May The Force be with you and wash your hands.

Lemon Myrtle Soap and Eucalyptus Seedlings at Orange Field Day

Hello my friends I hope you’re all well and happy and entrenched in your natural beauty. Last weekend I went to the NSW country town of Orange to attend their Field Day. It was a mix of a fair, a market and a resource for farmers and country people with everything from tractors and heavy machinery on display, to locally made jams and Akubra hats for sale, horse breaking demonstrations and raffles.

I stumbled across a nursery that had so many different types of eucalyptus seedlings – so beautiful – they made me so happy. Perry’s lemon myrtle soap was also a great find so here’s some pics …



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Lovely eucalyptus seedlings



Radiata and citriodora produce essential oils



Ah yes globulus was the very first eucalyptus oil distilled





Perry’s lemon myrtle soap – check it out at


A great day was had by all at the Orange Field Day!

Do you love eucalyptus and lemon myrtle?

Spotlight on Pearl Perfumery ~ Botanical Perfumes by Candace Gabelish

Hi scent lovers! In this mini-series I am featuring the perfumers who will exhibiting at the inaugural boutique event – the Australasian Artisan Botanical Perfume Expo on October 23rd in Sydney. Lets gets started with Candace Gabelish – Pearl Perfumery.


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Candace with a smile, a spotty dress and a gorgeous bottle

Candace with a smile, a spotty dress and a gorgeous bottle


Who are you?                                     Dr Candace Gabelish

What’s your business name?           Pearl Perfumery

What’s your website?              

What is your first scent memory?    the sea and Mum’s Arpege

What is your favourite botanical ingredient (right now)?      Boronia 


What a divine image! Makes my mouth water

What a divine image! Makes my mouth water


How do you hope your fragrances will make your customers feel?  

loved, happy, authentic 


Why are botanical ingredients more luxurious than synthetics?

Essential oils have a richness and complexity due to the presence of hundreds of components, which each add something significant to the overall scent. So each oil is like a fragrance in itself with, top, heart and base notes. This complexity is difficult to match with a synthetic. 


What is your “go-to” scent in nature to make you smile?    

lemon-scented eucalyptus


How do you apply fragrance?   

Wrists and décolletage if I’m wearing, backs of hands if I’m creating 


Candace, hard at work creating her beautiful perfumes

Candace, hard at work creating her beautiful perfumes


How is your business (and your perfumes) different?

My perfumery focuses on the individual. I want my clients to enjoy the whole experience from initial interview to the finished fragrance with unique name presented in a gorgeous hand-blown black glass bottle. My fragrances, including the exclusive ready-to-wear range, are oil-based, distinctive and long lasting. I also make customized fragrances and room sprays for the corporate sector. I feel a strong connection between colour and fragrance and make art inspired scents for exhibitions


What is your favourite scent to gift to your friends?

I like to give my friends gift vouchers for customised scents, the ultimate in luxury.


What is an unusual way you scent your home?  

I have developed a range of room sprays so sometimes use a different scent in each room. Splendour in the Bath for the bathroom, Where the Wildflowers Are for the entrance and hallway, Refresh for my teenager’s bedroom.


What inspires you and what inspired you to become a perfumer? 

I am inspired by people and their stories. Each customised perfume I have created was inspired by a unique journey, scent memory and taste in fragrance. I read “The Emperor of Scent” by Chandler Burr, the wonderful true story about Luca Turin, world famous scientist and perfume critic. Reading that book rekindled my passion for perfumery and my need to create.


Candace falling in love with a botanical ingredient

Candace falling in love with a botanical ingredient


Come to  the Australasian Artisan Botanical Perfume Expo on October 23rd in Sydney and experience Pearl Perfumery, by Candace Gabelish.

I’m looking forward to meeting this lovely lady, who has a great sense of style and authentic energy. Are you?

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