Essential Oils for the Eclipse of the Super, Blue, Blood Moon

Hello lovely natural beauties! I hope you’re well and happy.  Lucky for us, tonight we’re having a celestial party with the moon coming very close to us in more ways than one. What is this interesting planet (or hollow, old ET base) trying to tell us? Forge on to find my oily recommendations for this special occasion.


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Full moon


Our moon tonight will be full and as close to the earth as it can get. That’s what makes it super.

Your oil to get closer to the earth is PATCHOULI.

Lunar Eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse

The Earth’s shadow will totally block out the vision of the moon. It’s an eclipse baby!

Your oil to help you see beyond what is in “blocking” you is NUTMEG.

Blood Moon

“The Earth’s shadow is not completely black, but has a reddish hue. This has led many cultures, including some Indigenous Australian communities, to describe a lunar eclipse as a Blood Moon.

Sunlight still manages to reach the Moon but it must first pass through Earth’s atmosphere. This both reddens the light (by scattering away the shorter wavelengths or blue light) and also bends the path of the light, directing it into the shadow.”

The Conversation

Your oil to allow you to know that the darkness you find in your life, will pass, and you will see hope and light again is LAVENDER.

Full moon and lovely flowers

Blue Moon

The blue moon refers to the second full moon in a calendar month. Lucky, lucky, lucky! Auspicious too!

Your oil to tap into the flow and opportunities of the multiverse is LIME.

Full moon with a stunning eagle

My dear beauties, your oils are

patchouli, nutmeg, lavender and lime!

Let me know your experiences when you use this blend, or the any of the oils above.

♥ Thanks, and may the entire multiverse that resides within you be fulfilled and exalted tonight and for eternity 

Do Essential Oils Work on Our Bodies? Week 1 of 3

Here’s an excerpt from my book on essential oils and aromatherapy. This is the first week of 3, quoting little sections in “Revelation! Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils”. Week 1 – Do Essential Oils Work on Our Bodies?


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” The Body – Slow – Earthly

Essential oils work on the physical body by being absorbed by the skin and circulated to muscle, organs and other tissues. We know this is a fact. Take into account the increasing use of skin patches for administering hormones, nicotine and other medicines. Our skin ia actually an entire system known as the Integumenatry System and is the largest organ in the body. Topical application on the skin is an efficient an non invasive way to get substances into the body to create change.

Caught on camera somewhere in Sydney

Caught on camera somewhere in Sydney


Our bodies can be a bit slow to respond compared to how quickly our minds seem to work. We are joined to the Earth as a giver of life and sometimes being connected to earth may be called being ‘grounded’. I feel the Earth and our bodies are intrinsically linked, energetically linked. we belong together.


We are linked to the earth

We are linked to the earth


Our body = The Earth


Essential oils,

allows us to

  • nurture our bodies with the oil of healing herbs, flowers and fruit, delighting in the gifts of nature


  • feel physically relaxed and fortified


  • open to more possibilities for self-love and kindness and the capacity to accept our bodies as vehicles of consciousness


  • have a sense of solidarity and grounding, so it seems easier to start creating and revealing our destiny, and true purpose in life”
I've just planted some basil and it seems to be dong quite well

I’ve just planted some basil and it seems to be dong quite well


Thanks for reading my friends!

Have essential oils helped your body?


Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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