Essential Oils for the Eclipse of the Super, Blue, Blood Moon

Hello lovely natural beauties! I hope you’re well and happy.  Lucky for us, tonight we’re having a celestial party with the moon coming very close to us in more ways than one. What is this interesting planet (or hollow, old ET base) trying to tell us? Forge on to find my oily recommendations for this special occasion.


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Full moon


Our moon tonight will be full and as close to the earth as it can get. That’s what makes it super.

Your oil to get closer to the earth is PATCHOULI.

Lunar Eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse

The Earth’s shadow will totally block out the vision of the moon. It’s an eclipse baby!

Your oil to help you see beyond what is in “blocking” you is NUTMEG.

Blood Moon

“The Earth’s shadow is not completely black, but has a reddish hue. This has led many cultures, including some Indigenous Australian communities, to describe a lunar eclipse as a Blood Moon.

Sunlight still manages to reach the Moon but it must first pass through Earth’s atmosphere. This both reddens the light (by scattering away the shorter wavelengths or blue light) and also bends the path of the light, directing it into the shadow.”

The Conversation

Your oil to allow you to know that the darkness you find in your life, will pass, and you will see hope and light again is LAVENDER.

Full moon and lovely flowers

Blue Moon

The blue moon refers to the second full moon in a calendar month. Lucky, lucky, lucky! Auspicious too!

Your oil to tap into the flow and opportunities of the multiverse is LIME.

Full moon with a stunning eagle

My dear beauties, your oils are

patchouli, nutmeg, lavender and lime!

Let me know your experiences when you use this blend, or the any of the oils above.

♥ Thanks, and may the entire multiverse that resides within you be fulfilled and exalted tonight and for eternity 

Aromatherapy Skincare on TVSN and the Powerful Solstice


Hello my natural beauties, I hope you are all well at this auspicious time of the solstice. I forgot a post last week as I was preparing to do another 2 live TV spots on TVSN, as a Brand Ambassador for Springfields Aromatherapy. I’m blaming the powerful blue moon solstice for my forgetfulness, and a little bit of nervous energy too.


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Me in my dressing room

Me in my dressing room


It was an early start in hair and makeup with my beautiful friend Jason, then off to the studio to do 2 live shows, each an hour long.

Live TV is a bit nerve-wracking because there’s no saving grace. Anyway suddenly you’re on camera thinking “I hope I remember what to say’.

Then its over and the world keeps turning.

My friend took this screen shot:



And that was the second show and it was all over, again. I’ve got 2 more days this year – in spring and summer (southern hemisphere).

And speaking about hemispheres, the north just had the summer solstice and the south just experienced the winter solstice – yay! It seems that this was a cosmological blue moon  in Sagittarius, rather than a calendar blue moon, with powerful movements for us all. I’m not an expert so I’ve included a couple of links:

Mystic Mumma

Collective Evolution

My summary is:

  • if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately there may be big breakthroughs coming up
  • a new chapter, or time in your life, may becoming a reality on a very deep level
  • end relationships that are not serving your higher purpose
  • acknowledge your spiritual conscious for this may be the driver of your new paradigm
  • be willing and courageous to forge ahead with a new way of life
I've just planted some basil and it seems to be dong quite well

I’ve just planted some basil and it seems to be dong quite well


My body oil blend for this time is:

For a coat of your body use 3 teaspoons of carrier oil in a little dish and, add 7 – 8 drops of essential oil. It’s always best to patch test first, before you apply all over.

***** Always put the drops of essential oil into the bottle or dish first, then add the carrier oil. It gives the scents time to create a synergistic fusion.

For a 50ml bottle of oil add 25 drops and see my articles “Ratios for Blending Essential Oils – A Reminder of the Basics” and “Aromatherapy – It’s Easy as 1 2 3”

“Blue Solstice”

Frankincense       3 drops                      Keywords: meditation, truth, preservation

Basil                    1 drop                        Keywords: clarity; open your mind

Black Pepper       1 drop                       Keywords: go forward and fulfill your destiny

Petitgrain             3 drops                      Keywords: potentiality

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

Check out my YouTube channel too, thanks.

copyright 2016




Collective Evolution

Mystic Mumma

Supermoon Across The World and The Essential Oils that Add to It’s Power

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Supermoon Across The World and The Essential Oils that Add to It’s Power

The supermoon through the trees in my backyard in Sydney

The supermoon through the trees in my backyard in Sydney

Yep it’s been a supermoon frenzy all over the world with lots of amazing pictures of this gorgeous big round thing in the sky. The moon looks so beautiful and luminescent when it is close to the earth and it certainly has the power to get us talking about it. The perigree moon is the scientific name for the moon when it orbits close to the earth, and this full moon we have just experienced, is definitely the closest moon to the Earth this year. We are also in the middle of 3 supermoons in a row, with September being the next and last.

My friend Amanda took this last night in Positano, Italy

My friend Amanda took this pic last night in Positano, Italy

According to some scientific information, the supermoon plays on illusion, how our minds perceive the moon in the sky. One site says that even though we call it a supermoon, it is only about 14% closer that a regular full moon, but it appears much, much closer. Interesting eh? Is this telling us that our lives are an illusion and we must look deeper within to access the real reality? Or is it simply a reminder of the ebb and flow of the stars and the galaxies that we are intrinsically linked to?

My friend Frank took this is NYC the other night - Aquarius supermoon

My friend Frank took this is NYC the other night – Aquarius supermoon


In astrological terms this moon is in Aquarius, and I’ve also just read it’s an Aquarius/Leo full moon (as the sun is in Leo and provides the opposing force). As full moons are the culmination of the month, they can be seen as a time of releasing old patterns and energies, and with the supermoon it can be slightly magnified. Or perhaps it’s just an illusion that we are effected more strongly at this time? However you look at it, the supermoon is super gorgeous!

From Molly Hall from

“This is a chance to rebel against deadening conformity, to break free — of ideas about reality, a habitual rhythm, deeply embedded conditioning. Epic ah-has happen at the Aquarius Full Moon, when we bust through our own (often self-imposed) glass ceiling and breathe the air.


The good vibes of Aquarius are best received with an open mind.  If it’s time for a radical upgrade in your thinking, there’s often a period of in-between. Aquarius has two rulers — Uranus and Saturn. One is the evolutionary urge, the other (Saturn) shows us how to ground the charge.


Being able to see that the way we organize and perceive reality itself, is up for tweaking, can be liberating. This one-two punch of Aquarius Full Moons celebrates out of the box thinking. If you’ve felt at a dead-end, and stagnant, get ready for unexpected plot twists!”



Beautiful green basil!

Beautiful green basil!

Ok so let’s find some essential oils to break free of our self-imposed limits –

Basil – open the upper chakras and connect to universal intelligence

Rosewood – open your heart and flow with the love energy all around you

Sandalwood – allow a deep connection to the divine to move your entire being to a new paradigm


Black pepper - pic via

Black pepper – pic via

and radically change our thinking –

Rosemary – stimulate your mind to take action

Petitgrain – the essence of pure potentiality will help you dream up a better way to think

Black Pepper – courage to change and progress

Juniper berries - pic via

Juniper berries – pic via

and move stagnating energy –

Juniper – release watery emotions

Fennel – dissolve the barriers to releasing – be willing to let go

Lemongrass – get your energy moving!


Using essential oils in everyday life will give you a beautifully scented landscape from which you can prosper, grow and help the world evolve.

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

copyright suzanne