My Fragrant Saigon – Vietnam Blog 1

Hello natural beauties for the next month I’ll be blogging from my phone while I travel Vietnam. Please forgive any typos or mistakes as it’s slightly more difficult doing this from a little device than it is from laptop. I’ll be searching for some fragrant moments for you and here is what I’ve found on my first few days …


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The most aromatic moment so far has to be the Vietnamese coffee.  The robusta bean is mostly used which is more bitter than the arabica. Coffee culture is a serious thing here and being a diabetic vegan I have to drink it black without sugar – on ice! Iced coffee and iced tea are what most of the locals drink and I’m down with that because it’s soooooo hot! I’m surprised how much I love it!

Ca phe den da (iced black coffee) 

So many beautiful teas – literally dried flowers at the Ben Thanh Market

A little star jasmine flower on the streets of Saigon

A Vietnamese orange – the rind smells like a mix of mandarin and orange and the  fruit has a mild mandarin flavour.

Incense at the Buddhist Jade Pagoda was absolutely divine

Fragrant Lilies at the jade pagoda 

And finally a trip to Villa Royale Antiques and Tea Room for a fragrant jug of Iced Sillver Moon (peach) tea

I’ve loved my first few days in Vietnam in the beautiful city of Saigon.

Stay tuned for the next episode where I’ll be posting pics from the Mekong Delta and the beachy Nha Trang.



Intention – It’s Gotta Be Good!


Use your intention to create something new (via

Use your intention to create something new (via

Often when we are magnetically drawn to essential oils it’s because we may need a little bit of help.  We may need some inspiration and happiness, less stress, les muscle ache, clarity, cleansing, new beginnings and whatever else you can think of. So when we reach for the little bottle of oil we may not be feeling 100%, and that’s ok.

There is a fine line between treating ourselves when we are down, and using good intention for the result. For example:

You’ve been feeling a bit weird lately – unfulfilled, no energy, no inspiration to go on. You finally get the energy to open a bottle of essential oil and you intuitively take orange and geranium. These little powerhouse oils will help you see the lighter side of life, perhaps even be a generator of happiness and allow you some space to reevaluate. So when you make your oil blend, whether it be for your body, or a mist to spritz all over your energetic field, it’s important to bring in your GOOD intention for the blend.

This doesn’t have to take a long time nor does it have to be complicated.   You could simply say to yourself “fulfillment”. When you have your word or phrase for the oil formula, allow it to amplify for a few seconds and gather some energy of it’s own. Breathe. Bring in the POSITIVE vibes, and now CREATE.

This could take 10 seconds. It could take a minute. You may even decide to mediate with the bottle of oils in your hands. Any way you choose to do it, the most important thing is to DO IT!


The classic alchemist "The Magician" from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck

The classic alchemist “The Magician” from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck


Because you are more powerful than you realize. You are the alchemist of your own life and you can start to reveal this amazing talent a little bit everyday. By placing your intention (energy) into your oils and your formula, you are communicating with the universe and stating what you desire. The alternative would be to take the bottle of oil, dwell in your negativity, create your oil blend, and hope for the best. The oils will still be beautiful, enchanting and active, but you will have better results when you add your awareness and mindfulness.


DON"T try and put a spell on someone else in a negative way

DON”T try and put a spell on someone else in a negative way

Always treat yourself rather than trying to make a “spell” for someone else. If you are faced with the negative energy of someone in your environment it is critical that you make your intention positive.

For example; you have a really unhappy person at work who sits next to you. Yesterday all they did was whinge and complain and you don’t really want to hear anymore today.

Choose your oils – this could be fennel, ylang ylang and bergamot. Add your intention “today will fly by at work in a peaceful and happy way”. Get that vibe going, breathe a few times then add one drop of each onto your wrists as your personal perfume for the day.

DON’T make your intention “keep that negative, whiney bitch away from me today I’m sick of her”.


Do you see the difference? Each time you feel yourself being pulled into the negativity of your colleague, take a whiff of your personal perfume on your wrists, breathe and walk away, or pick up the phone, or leave the building.

Go ahead! Start blending with your intention!

Remember to treat yourself first, and then everyone will benefit.

Remember to add your intention to create a meaningful formula.

A Recipe for Recovery and How to Choose Oils

Recovery Formula

Recovery Formula

I visited a friend today, and when he opened the door I said “emergency aromatherapy”. He is recovering from an operation and this was my first visit. Naturally I took my essential oil case, which accompanies me to all my clients homes and a few places in between. This has most of my essential oils, 2 styles of empty bottles for making bespoke aromatherapy formulas in, a towel, labels, pens, a hair clip, a few different kinds of carrier oils and some tissues. And a liniment. Prepared for anything I reckon! Oh – and a lip balm.

My lovely case of oils

My lovely case of oils

I needed to make a formula that would help with scar tissue from the operation, work as an anti-inflammatory on the skin and surrounding tissues, act as a soothing agent for emotional imbalances that come with the invasion of surgery and anesthesia, as a pain relief balm and something that can aid sleep. So basically my formula needed to be repairing, soothing, cooling and calming. There are a lot of oils in my case and an infinite number of combinations. When I say “infinite” I really mean “infinite”. So how do I choose?

My method for Choosing Oils for a treatment:

* open the case

* look at the oils

* breathe deeply

* pick the oils that seems to amplify themselves – it’s almost like they are glowing

* look at the selection then return any that don’t feel right

* consolidate the selection and work out quantities -drops of each oil to go into the formula

You can also do this when you are deciding on what oils to use, even if you are just picking an oil to use direct from the bottle as a perfume. When I first started treating people I used this method. Sometimes I would have no idea why I chose the oils (or they chose the client), so when the client was getting ready to get on the table, I’d wait outside and madly flick through an aromatherapy book.  I’d get a word or two for each oil and when I entered the room I’d say “Your oil blend today is ………… and this is for ………….. and to help you with …………..”. Sometimes I’d just make it up. This is actually called intuition and don’t ever be too scared to use it. It could be the difference between a nice oil blend and a mind-blowing combination!

German chamomile - Matricaria recutita

German chamomile – Matricaria recutita

So my oil blend today was simple and grand! Lavender, Marjoram and German Chamomile. I called it “Recovery Formula” and my intention was to help my friend relax and heal.

Recovery Formula

In 50 mls of carrier oil add

Lavender 8 drops- all purpose healing oil, anti-inflammatory and cell regenerating

Marjoram 8 drops- relief, pain relief, relief from sadness, sedating

German chamomile in jojoba 15 drops – strong anti-inflammatory especially when used with lavender

I actually made my formula stronger but for your information and guidance it’s better to stick with the official blending quantities.

Use your intuition (borrowed from

Use your intuition (borrowed from

Remember to use your intuition and your intention when choosing oils for your oil blend and when deciding on how many drops of each to use. Intuition is like a muscle – the more you use it, trust it, rely on it – the stronger it will become.