Essential Oil Blends for Christmas

Hello dear natural beauties, I hope you’re winding down to the end of the year. It’s always great in Australia as summer kicks in too! We wait all year, for all the good things in one season. That’s life in the southern hemisphere. Here’s a few oil blends for the diffuser this “holiday’ time …

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For the Winter Christmas Diffuser

clove oranges – tedious to make and then they went mouldly within a week due to the humidity in Sydney

White Christmas

  • Lemon                         10 drops
  • Patchouli                      6 drops
  • Juniper                         5 drops
  • Cedarwood Virginian   4 drops

Here Comes Santa’s Sleigh

  • Orange               13 drops
  • Cinnamon             6 drops
  • Rosemary             6 drops

Sugar and Spice

  • Petitgrain      10 drops
  • Ginger            5 drops
  • Clove             5 drops
  • Nutmeg         5  drops

juniper berries

A Quick Winter Perfume: a few drops in a little dish with a splash of jojoba

  • Roman Chamomile 3%  3 drops *info on 3% blends
  • Juniper                            1 drop
  • Peru Balsam                   1 drop

For the Summer Christmas Diffuser

beach by me

Buzz Off

  • Citronella           10 drops
  • Clove                   5 drops
  • Cinnamon            5 drops
  • Rose Geranium    5 drops

Bush Christmas

  • Orange                             12 drops
  • Cypress                             5 drops
  • Australian sandalwood       8 drops

Get Out of the Sun

  • Mandarin          14 drops
  • Lavender          8 drops
  • Marjoram          6 drops

Lime oil has more depth than the other citrus oils

A Quick Summer Perfume: a few drops in a little dish with a splash of jojoba

Summer Love

  • Lemongrass    1 drop
  • Rosewood       1 drop
  • Lime                 1 drop

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the last days of the year.

Lavender for Summer AND Winter Skin


Hello natural beauties I hope you’re all faring well after the New Year. I’m so grateful I’ve been having  lots of lovely beach time this summer, which also means I have tan, and have been exposed to lots of UV rays. Lavender is the perfect essential oil to cool summer skin, but even if you’re in the dead of winter, it’s perfect for you too! Read on to find out how this amazing oil of oils can help you now ….



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  • Lavender has always been used to treat burns as its high linalool and linalyl acetate content helps soothe hot skin.
  • Used as a calming oil you can see how this relates to stress, sleep, healing skin and soothing skin too.
  • Mix a few drops of lavender oil into some natural aloe vera gel for the perfect after-sun treatment (although it can be a bit sticky)
  • Add a few drops of this amazing oil into your favourite body or face moisturiser to help soothe and repair sun damaged skin
  • Have a luke warm bath with some coconut milk and 4 drops of lavender
  • Make a body oil blend with lavender and your favourite cold pressed oil using this ratio:


lovely lavender in my neighbour's planter box out the frot

lovely lavender in my neighbour’s planter box out the front


Nourishing Body Oil Blend

For a coat of your body use 3 teaspoons of carrier oil in a little dish and, add 7 – 8 drops of essential oil. It’s always best to patch test first, before you apply all over.

***** Always put the drops of essential oil into the bottle or dish first, then add the carrier oil. It gives the scents time to create a synergistic fusion.

For a 50ml bottle of oil add 25 drops and see my articles “Ratios for Blending Essential Oils – A Reminder of the Basics” and “Aromatherapy – It’s Easy as 1 2 3”


“After Sun Special”

Lavender        4 drops

Peppermint    2 drops

Vetiver            1 drop


I took this pic in Mexico in 2014

I took this pic in Mexico in 2014



Warm up in winter with essential oils

Warm up in winter with essential oils


While lavender is wonderful for soothing and calming summer skin how can it help you in winter?

  • Lavender is an ancient healing herb oil that has strength and tenacity which is what one often needs to brave the winter months
  • Your skin can become very dry due to many reasons – artificial heating, hot showers and baths and by being continually covered up the dead skin cells often don’t have anywhere to escape to, leaving you dry and flaky
  • Lavender is the perfect oil to nurture you in the cold by doing steam inhalations to bring colour and life into your face – even add a few drops to your shower to give you an all over steam inhalation
  • Add a few drops to a hot foot bath to increase circulation
  • And as above: add a few drops of this amazing oil into your favourite body or face moisturiser to help soothe and repair dry skin
  • Make a body oil blend with lavender and your favourite cold pressed oil using the ratio above:

“Warm me up, Give Me Strength”

Lavender         3 drops

Rosemary        2 drops

Ginger             2 drops


Lavender in Sydney

Lavender in Sydney


“When in doubt, use lavender”

                       Suzanne R Banks

Ah yes there I go quoting myself again, hehe.

Do you use lavender all year round? I’d love to know x


Buzz Off – The Tribe has Spoken!

It looks serene but….

It looks serene but it’s a jungle out there! It’s like being in the TV show “Survivor” 24/7!

I live less than 10 minutes from the city of Sydney, but I may as well be living in the swamp. In fact I feel a bit like Tammy Tyree who lived in the Mississippi swamps. Just call me Tammy. I am a bit cut-off from civilisation as I can’t talk on my mobile phone inside the house  – so it’s freeze out the back in winter when making a call or fend off the mosies in summer! A few years ago a neighbour told me my suburb was actually reclaimed swamp/wetlands and that there is a huge water table underneath us. Sydney actually has lots of underground water which would explain all the insect, especially mosquitoes and cockroaches. My other neighbour has frogs but I’ve unsuccessfully tried for years to get tadpoles. I gave up with my pond but I’m serenaded all summer with the croaking from next door.

So anyway……. for years my friends have baulked at sitting outside in the beautiful garden  because the mosquitoes are vicious. They are so big a friend once said “the mosie that followed me down the hall needs its own bedroom”. I have always made my own insect repellent in a mist bottle, but it has never been enough. Last year I got a few torches to burn citronella oil and that really helped. It’s the flame and smoke that keeps those little biters at bay. Add the topical application of some essential oils and a little bit of peace can be found in my backyard.

torch with a flame keeps those biters at bay

I now have a mosquito net over my bed because they are so bad at night it’s like a form of torture.

aaahhhhh peace at last

I have given up on the mist and gone for pure essential oils. After much trial and error I have found the best oils to keep away the insects are (in any combination):








and any oil that has a pungent aroma. No sweet pretty oils can be used, it will only attract them! Lavish these oils all over you especially around the ankles, neck and ears and anywhere where your flesh is exposed!

Of course having a gin and tonic will help as the quinine is supposed to be a malaria preventative, in case you get bitten by a mosie with the virus.  Ok, well it’s probably not strong enough in the tonic we now drink, but my when my father was in the British Army, serving in Africa, they were given salt and quinine tablets. Salt for replenishing minerals and quinine against malaria. Interesting eh?

Essential oils, a G & T, a mosquito net and a Survivor-like torch is my recipe for getting through summer in Sydney. When I quench the flame at the end of the evening I silently say “the tribe has spoken”, and retire inside.