Fresh Blood – New Energy – Which Essential Oils?

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Fresh Blood – New Energy – Which Essential Oils?

Fresh blood is loaded with oxygen

Fresh blood is loaded with oxygen

I just got a text from a good friend who said he was off to the (music) studio to work with new producers. He said he needed “fresh blood”. I quite like that expression and thought about it for a minute, realising it’s about new starts, a new attitude, fresh energy. At the change of the season it’s a wonderful concept to grab a hold of. Our lives are somewhat cyclical, but there is always an opportunity to start afresh.

Fresh blood = red blood cells highly oxygenated.

Oxygen in the blood stream = fresh life to all the cells in the body. Hooray!

Essential oils cannot help red blood cells become more oxygenated, but energetically they can help us change perspective. So let’s look at which essential oils can give us a feeling of a new perspective, a new and fresh life.

The green fruit pictured here is very small like a cumquat - pic via

The green fruit pictured here is very small like a kumquat – pic via


1. Petitgrain

potentiality, opportunities

“I love using petitgrain as a promise of good things to come. When you can be a bit more relaxed about the search for your purpose in this world, more opportunities will present themselves to you. Find new opportunities, new projects, new thoughts and feelings, new rituals and a new outlook with petitgrain.”

Suzanne R Banks “Revelation! Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils



I love lemons!

I love lemons!

2. Lemon

refresh, reload, brighten up

“When I think lemon oil I think, “refresh”, “reload”, like the refresh button on your computer. me it means to start again. The oil is often used in cleaning so in that sense it helps to clear the air, clear your energy and clear your perspective. It’s the oil of fresh starts”.

Suzanne R Banks “Revelation! Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils



Roman chamomile in the Wellington Botanic Gardens

Roman chamomile in the Wellington Botanic Gardens

3. Roman Chamomile

less tension more inspiration

“If you can relax into the flow of life with a few drops of this divine oil, you will have more energy for the good stuff. Take your energy away from tension and into creation and inspiration with Roman chamomile.”

Suzanne R Banks “Revelation! Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils



Eucalyptus smithii

Eucalyptus smithii

4. Eucalyptus

clearing, enlightening

“Eucalyptus is expansive and purifying as it literally opens the pathways of the breath in the body, while freshening the air with a truly Australian bush scent. It can decontaminate your space, refine your attitude and offer a vital, enlightening clean breath of fresh air.”

Suzanne R Banks “Revelation! Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils



A cup of peppermint tea could do the trick as well

A cup of peppermint tea could do the trick as well


5. Peppermint

removes resistance

“I have found peppermint oil to soothe emotions stuck in the body and to remove resistance and barriers we sometimes create in our minds…. Get rid of tension and get happy. A great way to start the day is to steam with a few drops of peppermint essential oil in the shower to awaken your senses and clear any issues from the day before.”

Suzanne R Banks “Revelation! Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils

Any essential oil that you love could be your vessel of newness and fresh blood and energy.

Happy blending and remember to use your intention when you are creating your formulas. See my article about intention.

copryright SR Banks 2015



Buzz Off – The Tribe has Spoken!

It looks serene but….

It looks serene but it’s a jungle out there! It’s like being in the TV show “Survivor” 24/7!

I live less than 10 minutes from the city of Sydney, but I may as well be living in the swamp. In fact I feel a bit like Tammy Tyree who lived in the Mississippi swamps. Just call me Tammy. I am a bit cut-off from civilisation as I can’t talk on my mobile phone inside the house  – so it’s freeze out the back in winter when making a call or fend off the mosies in summer! A few years ago a neighbour told me my suburb was actually reclaimed swamp/wetlands and that there is a huge water table underneath us. Sydney actually has lots of underground water which would explain all the insect, especially mosquitoes and cockroaches. My other neighbour has frogs but I’ve unsuccessfully tried for years to get tadpoles. I gave up with my pond but I’m serenaded all summer with the croaking from next door.

So anyway……. for years my friends have baulked at sitting outside in the beautiful garden  because the mosquitoes are vicious. They are so big a friend once said “the mosie that followed me down the hall needs its own bedroom”. I have always made my own insect repellent in a mist bottle, but it has never been enough. Last year I got a few torches to burn citronella oil and that really helped. It’s the flame and smoke that keeps those little biters at bay. Add the topical application of some essential oils and a little bit of peace can be found in my backyard.

torch with a flame keeps those biters at bay

I now have a mosquito net over my bed because they are so bad at night it’s like a form of torture.

aaahhhhh peace at last

I have given up on the mist and gone for pure essential oils. After much trial and error I have found the best oils to keep away the insects are (in any combination):








and any oil that has a pungent aroma. No sweet pretty oils can be used, it will only attract them! Lavish these oils all over you especially around the ankles, neck and ears and anywhere where your flesh is exposed!

Of course having a gin and tonic will help as the quinine is supposed to be a malaria preventative, in case you get bitten by a mosie with the virus.  Ok, well it’s probably not strong enough in the tonic we now drink, but my when my father was in the British Army, serving in Africa, they were given salt and quinine tablets. Salt for replenishing minerals and quinine against malaria. Interesting eh?

Essential oils, a G & T, a mosquito net and a Survivor-like torch is my recipe for getting through summer in Sydney. When I quench the flame at the end of the evening I silently say “the tribe has spoken”, and retire inside.