Essential Oils and their Keywords – Part 3

Essential oils tend to be grouped together as to their physical healing properties – but what about the way they treat our spirit and minds too? For example marjoram, lavender and rosemary are great for muscles; rose, geranium and patchouli are wonderful for skin health; fennel and juniper can help relieve joint swelling. Of course essential oils often have more than one quality and the art of aromatherapy allows synergistic combinations to be formulated to expand their individual powers. Read on to discover how I feel about some of my favourite oils.


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Patchouli leaf - pic via

Patchouli leaf – pic via


peace, earthly: nurture your body


removes resistance



Peru balsam

softness, protection


abundance through others

Rose is the Queen of oils

Rose is the Queen of oils


divine love, self-love, self nurturing, Cleopatra

Rose geranium





giving and receiving; flow of love in the heart


wisdom; courage


opens the chakras; sacred sexuality




lighten up


chill out, stop thinking

Tea tree

purge negativity




centredness; tranquility

Ylang Ylang

release anger & frustration

Revelation! Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils

Revelation! Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils

All the oils and their keywords are quotes from my book. You will find the links to buy the book at the top of the post.

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.


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The 12 Days of Christmas – Essential Oil Recipes for Your Home Part 2

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The 12 Days of Christmas – Essential Oil Recipes for Your Home Part 2 – Unashamedly a Re-Blog From Last Year!

The 12 Days of Christmas folk song - pic via

The 12 Days of Christmas folk song – pic via

We’ve covered the first 6 days of Christmas so strap yourself in for the last 6 days! And I’ve just realised that I haven’t used the classic Christmas oils of frankincense and myrrh. As with part one I’ve taken each verse and created an oil blend for you to scent your home. To scent you own space I recommend 25 drops of essential oil, and you can use a traditional oil burner with a candle, an electric vapouriser, or for a quick and easy result put 25 drops of oil into a bowl and pour boiling water over it and leave it to stand – instant aromatherapy!

The song continues …..

7 Swans swimming by Tracy Watt - pic via

7 Swans swimming by Tracy Watt – pic via

7. On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me seven swans-a-swimming serenely in a lake. I’ve always imagined the swans to be black, regal, beautiful.

“Seven Swans a-Swimming”

Inspiration – serenity, flow, calm

Frankincense       12 drops

Lavender               6 drops

Clary Sage            3 drops

Bergamot             4 drops

8 maids milking - pic via

8 maids milking – pic via

8. Then on day eight the maids finally got some fresh milk so we could all have coffee and hot chocolate and make cakes and Christmassy things. These gifts from my true love just keep getting better!

“8 Maids-a-Milking”

Inspiration – nurturing, warmth, sustenance, compassion for our animal friends

Fennel          7 drops

Myrrh           4 drops

Nutmeg        4 drops

Rosewood   10 drops

Ok this is where it gets tricky. Some versions say its 9 drummers drumming, others say its 9 ladies dancing so I’m going to go with the majority of all the English versions and say it’s the drummers. Most of the American versions seem to have the drummers up last but it makes sense because the drummers are starting to call the tribe to dance. From verses 9 – 12 it’s all quite different. My Mum also thought it was 9 drummers drumming but my Dad didn’t know. As Janet Jackson says in Nasty Boys – “Give me a beat”. The party has started!

Wikipedia says

The gifts associated with the final four days are often reordered. Most often, this involves placing the ladies and lords earlier (on days nine and ten), and the musicians later (on days eleven and twelve).

So I reckon the music must come first!

The Drummer - was there 9 or 12? pic via

The Drummer – was there 9 or 12? pic via

9. Clearly my true love wanted to dance because the drummers came along to start the party

“9 Drummers Drumming”

Inspiration – rhythm of life, coming together as one

Tea Tree                      6 drops

Clove                          6 drops

Cedarwood Virginian   6 drops

Mandarin                    7 drops

Pipers are piping - pic via

Pipers are piping – pic via

10. And now that the drummers have given us a beat, come in pipers! (Even though the American version says it’s 11 pipers piping, I’m sticking with the English version).

“10 Pipers Piping”

Inspiration – harmony, party, fun

Lemon         15 drops

Geranium        6 drops

Peppermint    4 drops

11 ladies dancing - pic via

11 ladies dancing – pic via

11. Ok it’s all gone haywire now. The ladies have hit the dance floor (or is it the drummers or the pipers or the lords?)

“11 Ladies Dancing”

Inspiration – femininity, celebrating the sisterhood, release of the old

Petitgrain       15 drops

Spikenard       4 drops

Thyme            2 drops

Rosemary       4 drops

Lords are leaping -but how many? pic via

Lords are leaping – but how many? pic via

12. And once again it could be 10 lords that are leaping, but I’m going with 12 this time around. At any rate – let them leap! Let’s all leap into a wonderful end of year celebration, so whether you’re into Christmas or not, please be thankful for this interesting life. Bring on 2014 (sounds SO futuristic).

“12 Lords-a-leaping”

Inspiration – carefreeness, freedom, comradeship

Basil            8 drops

Citronella     8 drops

Lime            9 drops

Get your essential oils working for you this festive season, they will bring charm and kindness into your life. They will allow you to open to the infinite wisdom of the universe and help others to do the same.

Happy blending and remember to use your intention when you are creating your formulas. See my article about intention.

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My Top 3 Oily and Easy Skincare Tips!

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My Top 3 Oily and Easy Skincare Tips!



sneakily borrowed from

oilve & oil – sneakily borrowed from

1. The Best Makeup Remover in the World

Oil. Olive oil, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil, camelia oil, safflower oil, macadamia oil. You get the picture. Any medium or heavy oil will do the job perfectly. Nothing takes off waterproof mascara like good ol’ cold pressed oil. My system is to wet a makeup remover pad with some water, add a squirt of oil, remove makeup. Clean face with warm, wet washcloth. The end.

sneakily borrowed from

rosehips – sneakily borrowed from

2. The Best Face Moisturiser in the World

Rosehip oil. You can also try borage oil and apricot oil but I find rosehip is the best. It is dark and slightly scented, but once you start using it it’s hard to give up. I rarely even make creams for my face anymore because rosehip oil is so good. I put makeup on straight away after moisturising with rosehip and don’t encounter any problems. Rosehips are high in Vitamin C and also have anti-inflammatory properties. Rosehip extracts are now being used in herbal medicine for both the above properties – in joint formulas as well as immune stimulating formulas. It works best if you smooth the oil on a damp face, this also helps trap some extra moisture in too. I use a floral water in a mist bottle to make the process even more stunning.

You can definitely add essential oils to your rosehip and the best for the face are:






Refer to my blog for the correct quantities to use –

articles “Ratios for Blending Essential Oils – A Reminder of the Basics” and “Aromatherapy – It’s Easy as 1 2 3”

This lists essential oil ratios for making a body oil – for the face use half the quantity. For example if you use 1 teaspoon of oil for your body add 3 drops of essential oil. For the face use 1 drop of essential oil.

jojoba - it look a lot like an olive doesn't it?

jojoba – it looks a lot like an olive doesn’t it?

3. The Best Body Moisturiser in the World

Oil. Jojoba oil, almond oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, macadamia oil, olive oil, camelia oil, sunflower oil ……….

Add a few drops of essential oil and you have a natural, preservative free, paraben free, beautifully scented, quick aromatherapy treatment.

Use any essential oils for the body but it’s best to stay away from the following in large quantities

All the spice oils – use them but be conservative



and any other strongly scented oil you can think of. Refer to my article Aromatherapy It’s Easy As 1 2 3 for the correct quantities to use.

Go for it. Using cold pressed oils is a start to simplifying your life by cutting out chemicals and toxic ingredients in personal care products. It does take a bit longer but if you value yourself and the world around you, it’s easy to make the effort.

Look after yourself first. Treat yourself first and everyone will benefit.

copryright SR Banks

Lagging Energy? Use These Essential Oils

Sometimes it just feels hard to do anything! pic via

Sometimes it just feels hard to do anything! pic via

Feeling listless, not enough energy to get through the day? Sometimes it’s not even about being tired because you can definitely have trouble getting to sleep during these low times too.

It. Feels. Like. You. Just. Can’t. Do. Stuff.

I’ve been feeling a bit like that lately as our late summer in Sydney has been a hot, wet, heavy earth summer. Not much sun, but loads of humidity. Some of my friends have been complaining about having no energy, and I suppose as we count down to the equinox (Autumn equinox for the southern hemisphere and spring equinox for the north), we can take time to adjust.

bounce on trampoline - pic via

bounce on trampoline – pic via

All the obvious regimes apply here like making sure you have good nutrition, good sleep and make yourself get out and exercise. A daily routine can help get you back on track and by this I mean waking at the same time, eating dinner and breakfast at the same time, going to bed at the same time. Use your alarm and plan ahead. It may only take you a week to reclaim your energy. But what if you are doing all that and still feel blah? Cutting down on stress in all forms will help but sometimes we need a bit of nature’s medicine. Cue essential oils.

Try these oils and recipes –

1. Open The Bottle and Take a Huge Whiff

This is the easiest and fastest way to wake up your brain which can be enough to then stimulate your body into action. The oils with strong aromas will automatically wake you up.

Rosemary – stimulates your mind, particular to helping you remember

Basil – energetically open upper chakras to the universe and is stimulating to your brain

Eucalyptus – wake up, deconstruct over thinking

Lemongrass – gently helps your mind fall into action

Tea Tree – release negative thinking

A drop of oil can be essential

A drop of oil can be essential

2. Put A few Drops Of Oil into the bottom of the Shower

This works in a similar way to just taking a whiff but if you’ve got an extra minute, it will give you a completely different experience. Your whole body will have an essential oil steam.

Use any of the oils above plus –

Palmarosa – gentle hint at being more flexible in your daily life

Lime – a zesty zingy way to wake up

Thyme – could blow your head off with its strength but great for a complete mind cleanse

Cypress, Pine, Black Spruce, Juniper – like waking up in a beautiful forest, clean, fresh, inspiring

Nourish your body with a beautiful oil blend - pic via

Nourish your body with a beautiful oil blend – pic via

3. Nourishing Body Oil Blend

For a coat of your body use 3 teaspoons of carrier oil in a little dish and, add 7 – 8 drops of essential oil.

***** Always put the drops of essential oil into the bottle or dish first, then add the carrier oil. It gives the scents time to create a synergistic fusion.

For a 50ml bottle of oil add 25 drops and see my articles “Ratios for Blending Essential Oils – A Reminder of the Basics” and  “Aromatherapy – It’s Easy as 1 2 3”

If you’ve got a couple of extra minutes up your sleeve THE BEST way to wake you body up and get energy flow going is to make an oil blend for your body. By massaging the oil into your skin you are physically creating warmth and energy directly, then the oils will go to work silently and softly. Get up, shower, oil yourself, put on a robe for 5 minutes to let the oil soak in. Get dressed. Go!

“I am A Robot”

When you need to get gong and do loads of things without  having to think about it –

Rosemary   2 drops

Lavender     1 drop

Cardamom   1 drop

Lemon        4 drops


“Ok That’s It I’m Going For a Walk”

Get vibed up for some exercise –

Orange           4 drops

Black pepper  2 drops

Juniper           2 drops


“Anything is Possible”

The universe rewards action –

Tea Tree     3 drops

Mandarin    3 drops

Ginger       2 drops


Happy blending and remember to use your intention when you are creating your formulas. See my article about intention.

copyright suzanne




Buzz Off – The Tribe has Spoken!

It looks serene but….

It looks serene but it’s a jungle out there! It’s like being in the TV show “Survivor” 24/7!

I live less than 10 minutes from the city of Sydney, but I may as well be living in the swamp. In fact I feel a bit like Tammy Tyree who lived in the Mississippi swamps. Just call me Tammy. I am a bit cut-off from civilisation as I can’t talk on my mobile phone inside the house  – so it’s freeze out the back in winter when making a call or fend off the mosies in summer! A few years ago a neighbour told me my suburb was actually reclaimed swamp/wetlands and that there is a huge water table underneath us. Sydney actually has lots of underground water which would explain all the insect, especially mosquitoes and cockroaches. My other neighbour has frogs but I’ve unsuccessfully tried for years to get tadpoles. I gave up with my pond but I’m serenaded all summer with the croaking from next door.

So anyway……. for years my friends have baulked at sitting outside in the beautiful garden  because the mosquitoes are vicious. They are so big a friend once said “the mosie that followed me down the hall needs its own bedroom”. I have always made my own insect repellent in a mist bottle, but it has never been enough. Last year I got a few torches to burn citronella oil and that really helped. It’s the flame and smoke that keeps those little biters at bay. Add the topical application of some essential oils and a little bit of peace can be found in my backyard.

torch with a flame keeps those biters at bay

I now have a mosquito net over my bed because they are so bad at night it’s like a form of torture.

aaahhhhh peace at last

I have given up on the mist and gone for pure essential oils. After much trial and error I have found the best oils to keep away the insects are (in any combination):








and any oil that has a pungent aroma. No sweet pretty oils can be used, it will only attract them! Lavish these oils all over you especially around the ankles, neck and ears and anywhere where your flesh is exposed!

Of course having a gin and tonic will help as the quinine is supposed to be a malaria preventative, in case you get bitten by a mosie with the virus.  Ok, well it’s probably not strong enough in the tonic we now drink, but my when my father was in the British Army, serving in Africa, they were given salt and quinine tablets. Salt for replenishing minerals and quinine against malaria. Interesting eh?

Essential oils, a G & T, a mosquito net and a Survivor-like torch is my recipe for getting through summer in Sydney. When I quench the flame at the end of the evening I silently say “the tribe has spoken”, and retire inside.