Do Essential Oils Work on Our Minds? Part 2 of 3

Hello natural beauties and botanical scent lovers all over the world! Here’s an excerpt from my book on essential oils and aromatherapy. This is the second week of 3, quoting little sections in “Revelation! Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils”. Week 2 – Do Essential Oils Work on Our Minds? Read on to find out ….


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“The Brain – Fast – Galactic

Essential oils work via the nose into different areas of the rain – both the cognitive and the ancient centres. The brain translates this information to effect change in the body and emotions.

The ancient part of the brain is called the Limbic System, which engages in the moments when a scent takes you to a specific memory. It is so strong you feel like you are right in that moment again.


Divine jasmine!


Have you ever smelt something in the air and suddenly been connected to an event, time or person in your life? It could help you remember a holidays as a child, or being with a beloved elder who has passed. It is powerful and quick. Detecting a scent can also conjure deep negative feelings about something too. Although the process of scent and emotions can be scientifically reduced to a point, it’s the bewitching nature of these instances that are the most fascinating. Are we connected to the past or are we connecting to multi-dimensional existences.


Me with my perfumes


Essential oils have been used for thousands of years through many cultures, to inspire mind-altered states, offer beauty and inspire creativity. Using essential oils may help with creating better feeling emotions, and in turn, simply be default, diminish emotions and feelings like stress and uneasiness.

If the body is earthly, then the mind is resonating on a galactic level. The mind connects the body to heavenly possibilities. Dr Joe Dispenza, a great neuro-scientist, says the mind is the brain in action.

The Milky Way – our little spot in the universe


Our mind = The Galaxy


Essential oils,

allows us to

  • open our minds – quite literally, as the scent travels the nose into the brain


  • awaken our mind, to logically define desires and goals


  • be motivated to take action toward our desired life


  • cohere the mind and body, to help determine our place in the world”


It's easy to open a little oil bottle and take a whiff - it's instant healing!

It’s easy to open a little oil bottle and take a whiff – its instant healing!


Thanks for reading my friends!

Have essential oils helped your mind?

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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Aromatherapy Skincare on TVSN and the Powerful Solstice


Hello my natural beauties, I hope you are all well at this auspicious time of the solstice. I forgot a post last week as I was preparing to do another 2 live TV spots on TVSN, as a Brand Ambassador for Springfields Aromatherapy. I’m blaming the powerful blue moon solstice for my forgetfulness, and a little bit of nervous energy too.


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Me in my dressing room

Me in my dressing room


It was an early start in hair and makeup with my beautiful friend Jason, then off to the studio to do 2 live shows, each an hour long.

Live TV is a bit nerve-wracking because there’s no saving grace. Anyway suddenly you’re on camera thinking “I hope I remember what to say’.

Then its over and the world keeps turning.

My friend took this screen shot:



And that was the second show and it was all over, again. I’ve got 2 more days this year – in spring and summer (southern hemisphere).

And speaking about hemispheres, the north just had the summer solstice and the south just experienced the winter solstice – yay! It seems that this was a cosmological blue moon  in Sagittarius, rather than a calendar blue moon, with powerful movements for us all. I’m not an expert so I’ve included a couple of links:

Mystic Mumma

Collective Evolution

My summary is:

  • if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately there may be big breakthroughs coming up
  • a new chapter, or time in your life, may becoming a reality on a very deep level
  • end relationships that are not serving your higher purpose
  • acknowledge your spiritual conscious for this may be the driver of your new paradigm
  • be willing and courageous to forge ahead with a new way of life
I've just planted some basil and it seems to be dong quite well

I’ve just planted some basil and it seems to be dong quite well


My body oil blend for this time is:

For a coat of your body use 3 teaspoons of carrier oil in a little dish and, add 7 – 8 drops of essential oil. It’s always best to patch test first, before you apply all over.

***** Always put the drops of essential oil into the bottle or dish first, then add the carrier oil. It gives the scents time to create a synergistic fusion.

For a 50ml bottle of oil add 25 drops and see my articles “Ratios for Blending Essential Oils – A Reminder of the Basics” and “Aromatherapy – It’s Easy as 1 2 3”

“Blue Solstice”

Frankincense       3 drops                      Keywords: meditation, truth, preservation

Basil                    1 drop                        Keywords: clarity; open your mind

Black Pepper       1 drop                       Keywords: go forward and fulfill your destiny

Petitgrain             3 drops                      Keywords: potentiality

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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Collective Evolution

Mystic Mumma

5 Essential Oils to Help You Love Your Job

Please check out my new book REVELATION! – Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils

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and many other stores worldwide as a Kindle and Paperback


5 Essential Oils to Help You Love Your Job

hearts to you

hearts to you for what you do

Believe it or not, some people work in jobs they don’t really like, let alone LOVE.

Are you someone who is discontent with what you do on a daily basis?

Or are you someone who sorta-kinda thinks their job is ok, but really you rather be doing something else?

I’m going to assume we’d all rather be on holidays forever (and that we probably can’t get that happening) and that you do have a job, and you’d like to make the daily grind less of a daily grind. Essential oils won’t be able to go out into the world for you and find the perfect job, but they can help you feel better about yourself and where you are in your life.

orange -  it's a great food AND oil!

orange – it’s a great food AND oil!


Orange oil is made from the rind of oranges. It is the perfect oil to help bring a little happiness and sweetness into your life. And just look at that colour! Oranges vibrate with a bright fresh energy, and the oil is all about innocence and simplicity.

Can you find ONE good thing about your job? It can be anything from liking the biscuits they provide to getting your pay.

Put a few drops of orange oil into the bottom of the shower in the morning, cover the drain with your foot or cloth, breathe deeply, smile. Carry this smile with you during the day.

Frankincense resin in it's organic form is then distilled into an essential oil

Frankincense resin in its organic form is then distilled into an essential oil

2. Frankincense

Frankincense is the oil of breathing deeply, which means a less stressful approach to the day and a deeper connection to your spirit. By taking a big whiff of Frankincense before you head out the door in the morning, you reinforce a calm state of mind and of body too.

The more oxygen you can take into your body the better you can cope at work, and the more easily adaptable you will be to problem solving. When your attitude is calm, your day at work will be better and easier to like.


Fresh clean inspiring pine

Fresh clean inspiring pine

3. Pine

Inspirational, fresh and clean, pine essential oil will help you acknowledge others around you and how they can bring positive vibes to your work day. If you are surrounded by people you don’t really understand or like, pine oil is the oil for you. Your job brings you abundance in the form of money – but what other aspects of abundance can you identify at work? Open you mind to find new things you are thankful for in this job. Just try, even if it might be difficult.

Take a drop of pine essential oil on a cotton pad in your pocket. It will remind you to FEEL abundant, and who knows what can happen from this new state of being?



4. Cinnamon

This lively spice oil will sweeten your day. Cinnamon speaks to the our dharma and is the oil for really loving what you do. It may just help you look within to move from a job you dislike to a new position or a new company. Open to your destiny by asking yourself “what do I love?” I know sometimes it’s not easy to actually contemplate changing jobs, especially if other people rely on you and the money it brings, however take a whiff of cinnamon to invoke happiness and perhaps even a little courage. It IS important to love what you do and for right now, just use cinnamon and see what it brings.


Wh!at a gorgeous flower

What a gorgeous flower – Ylang Ylang

5. Ylang Ylang

This amazing flower makes a deep, exotic floral oil, which is great for skin and also for releasing anger and frustration. It’s base note qualities appeal to both men and women and I recommend a drop or two, diluted in some carrier oil, on your wrists and heart. This action will help you draw the divine energy of forgiveness into your heart so when you step into work, your attitude will be a little softer.

Ylang ylang is also an oil of sensuality, and when you’re feeling good about yourself, it makes it easier to feel better about your circumstances.


**** Essential oils won’t cure an illness or be a complete solution to every problem; however they will help you change your focus and in turn look at the world in a different light.

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

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