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Chapter 9


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De-stress from distress and be happier

De-stress from distress and be happier


Stress in the 2ist century, in Western life, is pretty much the cause all kind of disease.

“If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension. And if you didn’t ask me, I’d still have to say it.”

George Burns,  Actor

There you go – stop worrying and stressing.

Live longer, and prosper.

Live long and prosper, the Vulcan goodbye

Live long and prosper, the Vulcan greeting

By simply using essential oils in any matter, you will give your brain and chance to refocus and change the current vibe.

* Just open a bottle of oil and have a big sniff. Your brain is in charge of your body so by re-calibrating your thought patterns you have a better chance of having a healthier stress-free body too.

* Put a few drops of an oil in the bottom of the shower before and/or after work, or a stressful day, to help you come down off your high cortisone levels. Once again, give you brain and body a wake-up call to release tension on a daily basis

* Chronic stress can lead to chronic (and acute) disease and we often find out too late. Stress and worry won’t help change your situation so you’ll have to change it from the inside out.

* Have a massage or make your own body oil to completely rejuvenate your body and cleanse your aura

What oils are great to use to minimise stress?

Roman chamomile - pic via

Roman chamomile – pic via


The Chamomiles – Roman and German

Both these oils often come in a 3 % blend as they are more expensive than most essential oils. See my article for more info on 3% blends in jojoba.  Use these oils straight from the bottle like a perfume, but if you find them as a 100% pure oil just use them in the same ratios as you would with other oils.

Roman chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) is soft, syrupy and sweet and is a great oil for cramping and tension.

German chamomile has a dark blue colour and is deeply herbaceous smelling. This oil is good for heat and inflammation.

Marjoram - pic via

Marjoram – pic via



Marjoram is second to lavender for me. I use this oil frequently as it has such wonderful properties. Not only is it a great oil for stress and anxiety, it is a must-have for muscle soreness. It has a strong scent but manages to blend so well with all the other oils and it is an ancient herb that has lasted through the ages.

This oil also helps induce sleep, is great for treating grief, and helps calm an overactive mind. It is the oil of relief.

To find out which other essential oils can help you de-stress, click on one of the links below.

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Thanks everyone.

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10 Recipes with Cypress – Cupressus sempervirens

Please check out my new book REVELATION! – Reveal Your Destiny with Essential Oils

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10 Recipes with Cypress – Cupressus sempervirens

Cypress is a conifer belonging to the Cupressaceae family

Cypress is a conifer belonging to the Cupressaceae family

I love this oil!

Clean, crisp, light and green, the essential oil of Cypress takes us back to the time of stories in religious books – the Bible, The Torah and many others we have probably never seen. It is an old family of trees and shrubs and there are many species spanning the globe. These wonderful trees have been known to last thousands of years (the word sempervirens means “ever-living” says Aromatherapist Salvatore Battaglia), and according to Wikipedia this cypress is …

“also known as Italian, Tuscan, or Graveyard Cypress, or Pencil Pine) is a species of cypressnative to the eastern Mediterranean region, in northeast Libya, southern Albania, southeast Greece (Crete, Rhodes), southern Turkey, Cyprus, Northern Egypt, western Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Malta, Italy, western Jordan, and also a disjunct population in Iran.”

In Australia we have a cypress that is called Australian Blue Cypress, which has a deep blue hue to the essential oil. It is a different species to the classic cypress used in Aromatherapy, and you can read more about it here.

Ok so in Aromatherapy cypress is used

* to release excess water from the body

* to tonify veins

* help the symptoms of coughs and lung disorders like asthma and bronchitis

I like to use this oil to expand consciousness and help someone move from ego into spirit. It has a wonderful quality to help us move through overwhelming human situations, allowing us to see the truth.

Let’s check out some recipes –

Oils are nourishing for your body

Oils are nourishing for your body

1. Nourishing Body Oil Blend

For a coat of your body use 3 teaspoons of carrier oil in a little dish and, add 7 – 8 drops of essential oil. It’s always best to patch test first, before you apply all over.

***** Always put the drops of essential oil into the bottle or dish first, then add the carrier oil. It gives the scents time to create a synergistic fusion.

For a 50ml bottle of oil add 25 drops and see my articles “Ratios for Blending Essential Oils – A Reminder of the Basics” and “Aromatherapy – It’s Easy as 1 2 3”

“Lovely Legs”

Help the noticeable veins be less noticeable –

Cypress                            3 drops

Lavender                           3 drops

German Chamomle 3%    4 drops * see my article for more info on 3% blends in jojoba


Feel a little more pulled-together –

Cypress               3 drops

Mandarin             3 drops

Juniper                2 drops

“I Need a Miracle”

Cypress                2 drops

Petitgrain              2 drops

Geranium              2 drops

Rosewood            2 drops

“Ancient Knowledge”

Cypress                     2 drops

Sandalwood Indian    2 drops

Orange                      4 drops


A personal mist is easy to make! pic via

A personal mist is easy to make! pic via

2. Personal Aura Cleansing Mist & Room Mist

In a 50ml mist bottle filled with water add 25 drops of oil

(depending on the packaging you have, you may need to use a little alcohol -like vodka- at the bottom of your bottle first, so the oils disperse into smaller drops to prevent clogging the atomiser top. I’ve found sometimes it works just with water, and sometimes it doesn’t – very annoying!)

“Renew My Vibe”

Cypress        12 drops

Lemongrass   6 drops

Lime               6 drops

Rosemary       3 drops

“I’m Expecting a Miracle Here”

Cypress        10 drops

Bergamot       8 drops

Marjoram       4 drops

Cinnamon      3 drops

“Get Outta My Way (Very Subtlely)”

Cypress                  8 drops

Ylang Ylang            8 drops

Cedarwood Atlas    4 drops

Palmarosa               4 drops


The classic Duralex glass dish is handy to make oil blends and quick perfumes in

The classic Duralex glass dish is handy to make oil blends and quick perfumes in

3. Pure Pulse Point Perfume

In a little dish mix these oils and anoint your pulse points or chakras – 3 drops of essential oils and dilute with a few drops of carrier oil – always patch test first!

“Crisp Day”

Cypress      2 drops

May chang  1 drop


“Cool Night”

Cypress         1 drop

Peru Balsam  1 drop

Lemon           1 drop

“Just for Me”

Cypress      1 drop

Rose 3%     3 drops  * see my article for more info on 3% blends in jojoba



Happy blending and remember to use your intention when you are creating your formulas. See my article about intention.

copryright SR Banks




3 Essential Oils to Help You Stop Obsessing About Something

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3 Essential Oils to Help you Stop Obsessing About Something


An over-thinking mind can create even more stress

An over-thinking mind can create even more stress

Have you ever had an argument, an altercation with someone, a problem at work, a nasty email or letter, a bitchy comment on social media? One that you can’t seem to shake?

Sometimes we find ourselves obsessing about these kinds of human issues, and we can’t seem to let go of them. We replay the situation over and over in our minds. This leads to invoking the emotional response all through the body, which then brings back the same angst as if the situation had just occurred.

So then our body hitches a ride with our mind, and they feed off each other leading to a continual circle of stress, elevating all our stress responses in the body; which keep the mind fueled to keep on re-hashing the same thing.

Basically it’s a stress response which is harmful to us as a whole when it keeps going, and going, and going.

Break the chains of stress pic via

Break the chains of stress pic via

Breaking the cycle of stress can be a little easier with essential oils and hopefully you’ll be able to stop yourself from even starting next time. Sniffing an essential oil will change your focus in a matter of seconds, which is enough space for you to take back your power over a detrimental negative state.

Try these oils by having a sniff straight from the bottle. be careful not to over expose yourself to the oils as they can create headaches. Alternatively scent your space with a traditional oil burner or diffuser which will be a more gentle way to come down.

Lavender gives you strength

Lavender gives you strength

1. Lavender

To me lavender is the oil of solidarity. It not only helps relieve stress but its ancient herbal magic can really help you relax, revive and regain strength.

A few drops in the bottom of the shower will help cleanse and fortify you with a little calm thrown in for good measure.

Lavender’s purple colour is the colour of the Third Eye and Crown chakras, opening you to the abundant intelligence of the universe.


Lemon - gorgeous simplicity

Lemon – gorgeous simplicity

2. Lemon

Lemon essential oil is simply wonderful. Lemon is light and sparkly and lovely and it’s refreshing too. It helps you reload the page of your mind and refresh the content.

This oil is perfect for a whiff straight from the bottle.

The yellow colour of lemons relates to the Solar Plexus chakra which is the energy centre of desiring good things for ourselves (including good feelings!).


The blue of german chamomile looks a bit like this - pic via

The blue of German chamomile looks a bit like this


3. German Chamomile

When the petite German chamomile flower is distilled a chemical component is change into chamazulene which gives it a deep blue colour. This chamomile is an anti-inflammatory oil and is often found in a 3% dilution as it’s quite expensive.

This essential oil will help you chill out and it would be perfect as a drop on your wrists, heart or throat so its steady evaporation will keep you stay calm too. You will find a chance here in this space, to release tension and stressful thoughts and feelings. You will be able to be aware of the thoughts you no longer need.

The deep blue of German chamomile relates to the heart chakra, stimulating you to open your heart energy and infuse compassion into the situation you want to release.



So if you have one of those moments when you keep replaying that movie over and over again in your mind. Grab an essential oil and have a whiff to help change your focus and reclaim your power and energy from the situation.

If you don’t have an essential oil, sniff a piece of citrus fruit or cut of some of rind and squeeze it all around you to release the essential oils from the skin. Actually why not just eat it first and THEN sniff the skin.

If you can’t find a piece of citrus fruit, smell a sweet flower walking down the street or open some spice jars and sniff the good stuff – cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger …………..

Remember to treat yourself first, then everyone will benefit.

copryright SR Banks