There’s More Than One Eucalyptus Oil!

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There’s More Than One Eucalyptus Oil!

Eucalyptus globulus - pic via

Eucalyptus globulus – pic via


I love Eucalyptus!

1. Eucalyptus globulus

This eucalyptus tree – the “blue gum” – is the one most used to produce the essential oil. According to Wikipedia it’s also called the Tasmanian Blue Gum or Southern Blue Gum too. You are probably going to get Eucalyptus globulus when you buy eucalyptus oil. This oil is sharp, strong, clean and fresh and is the classic, most identifiable eucalyptus scent.This oil has been produced for nearly a century and the main production now comes from China. There are many of these trees in the USA too and other warm climates. The tree is easily able to adapt, and because of this it has been the most planted eucalyptus tree in the world.

Eucalyptus radiata

Eucalyptus radiata

2. Eucalyptus radiata

This is also called the “narrow-leaved peppermint gum” and there seem to be quite a few chemotypes (different scents). I buy this as my everyday eucalyptus oil, as it’s a bit milder and sweeter in scent than the globulus. It still has the same amazing qualities of globulus, and in fact all the eucalypts (as with the melaleucas – see my post “All the Australian Melaleucas”, share similar properties. I recommend trying this lovely oil next time you need some eucalyptus oil.

Eucalyptus polybractea

Eucalyptus polybractea

3. Eucalyptus polybractea

This is the ‘Blue mallee’ tree. The oil from this tree has a high cineole content (1,8-cineole is one of the particular active ingredients in eucalyptus tree), which gives it a camphorous and pungent scent. Penetrating and sharp, it is less likely to be found when searching for “eucalyptus oil”, but I have bought blue mallee oil from supermarkets here in Australia and it’s inexpensive and gorgeous. I think there is one brand I found in a supermarket that’s also organic. Even looking at these three pictures it’s hard to distinguish the difference in the look of the leaves and flowers.

Eucalyptus citriodora

Eucalyptus citriodora

4. Eucalyptus citriodora

Yep if you guessed lemon scented you’d be right. It has a citronella/lemon scent, a bit like lemon tea tree, but not really. It is high in citronellal and that would explain the scent. It is a warm, almost herbaceous lemon scent and has different shaped leaves to the others discussed so far. I don’t really use this oil although I do carry it in my kit. I would probably use a classic eucalyptus with another lemon scented oil if I need that combination.

Eucalyptus dives

Eucalyptus dives

5. Eucalyptus dives

This eucalyptus tree is also used to distill essential oils, but I don’t really use this one a lot either. In fact I don’t think I even have any. Its common name is “broad-leaved peppermint” (radiata was called narrow-leaved peppermint). It has a couple of chemotypes that produce oils and once again the constituents are particular to its type but include the 1,8-cineole, common to all eucalypts. I can’t describe the scent as I can’t remember the last time I used it or smelled it. It is however used for its high piperitone content which gives it a pepperminty-camphorous scent.

Eucalyptus piperita

Eucalyptus piperita

6. Eucalyptus piperita

Wikipedia claims this is called “Sydney peppermint” but I’ve never heard that. Can’t say I ever smelled the oil either but this one is also high in piperitone too. I’ve never looked for it for sale but I’m sure someone makes it. The English phyto-chemist H. G. Smith who moved here in the late 1800’s, wrote a paper on the volatile oil of Eucalyptus piperita and also wrote a book with his colleague on the Eucalypts of Australia.

Eucalyptus smithii

Eucalyptus smithii

7. Eucalyptus smithii

This is the “gully gum” also found in South Africa where this is the main eucalyptus for oil production. It was named after Mr Smith (from the paragraph above) and is quite high in 1,8-cineole. It has that classic eucalyptus scent and all the qualities you would expect:






and the list goes on. It’s typically used for colds, flu, coughs and many respiratory complaints and is warming and refreshing.

Get some eucalyptus oil in your house NOW! It has a simple yet very strong message –

“cleanse, clarify, open your mind”



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Embrace Basil Essential Oil and Free Your Mind

Flowering basil - beautiful!

Flowering basil – beautiful!

Basil, Ocimum basilicum, is part of the Lamiacae family and the genus Ocimum. This family of plants also holds many herbs including mint, rosemary, lavender, patchouli and many more. The most common basil essential oil is sometimes referred to as sweet basil as there are a couple of chemotypes that are used to make essential oils.

Sweet basil is a linalool type. Linalool is one of the main ingredients of lavender, so this basil with have a softer scent and be more soothing and calming.

I have a basil essential oil that is a chavicol chemotype (methyl chavicol), which is slightly spicier and more camphorous in scent. I would use this with a client in a treatment blend if I wanted a warmer more stimulating blend. I would use the linalool type for a more relaxing blend, and I tend to use the sweet basil more often.

The stunning basil leaf makes a wonderful essential oil

The stunning basil leaf makes a wonderful essential oil

Basil takes its name from the latin ’Basileum’ meaning royal.  It is also considered a holy plant of India used in Ayurveda and dedicated to Vishnu and Krishna. This Indian basil is a different plant and is called tulsi, Ocimum tenuiflorumi. One of my suppliers now offers this as an organic essential oil but I haven’t smelt it yet so I’ll have to get back to you on that. There are some great tulsi teas on the market – they don’t taste like the sweet basil, just a soft lovely herb.

Sharp and spicy (yet sweet), basil helps clear the head and open the mind. It is referred to in aromatherapy as a “cepahilc” oil, which means pertaining to the head. It is a very powerful clearing oil, particularly effective when used in a vapouriser as an inhalation, or even when you are cooking! Making a fresh basil pesto is enough to make you feel refreshed and alive – especially when you use a mortar and pestle.

Basil is alluring - even to bees!

Basil is alluring – even to bees!

Basil essential oil is used for mental and physical fatigue and its anti-spasmodic properties make it ideal for treating menstrual problems and digestive disorders too.

* Sinus congestion, asthma and bronchitis are all soothed by basil.

* Fever can be treated effectively with basil.

* In the middle ages it was prescribed for melancholy and depression

So when you are feeling like you need some energy try basil oil for a quick pick-me-up. I’ll follow up with some recipes in the next article, but in the meantime buy a fresh bunch of basil instead of flowers and make sure you inhale the fragrance deeply. Get cooking with some basil and when you do, crush up a leaf in your fingers and allow the cooling fragrance to open your mind!

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Essential Oil Recipes to PARTY With!

Sydney Mardi Gras

Sydney Mardi Gras

It’s late summer in Sydney and it’s party time in the Gay and Lesbian Community. Mardi Gras is a queer cultural festival filled with music, art and parties. Here are a few recipes intended to help you get your party vibe going, and to stay on the dance floor as long as possible.

“Here We Are Again”

This is my magic formula for and outdoor dance-off – dedicated to the Sydney Harbour Party which was held this weekend. It rained. We danced in the rain with our friends. Life is grand!

To make a nourishing body oil blend – in 3 teaspoons of oil add

Ylang Ylang           2 drops

Bergamot              3 drops

Cedarwood Atlas  2 drops

The Harbour Party - Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

The Harbour Party – Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras


“3am Eternal”

To be prepared for an all-nighter, smooth this formula all over your body to give you a great scent and energy to continue!

To make a nourishing body oil blend  – in 3 teaspoons of oil add

Petitgrain       3 drops

Patchouli       2 drops

Nutmeg         2 drops

dance floor at Sydney Mardi Gras 2007

dance floor at Sydney Mardi Gras 2007


“I’m a Free Agent”

When you decide to leave the party Gods in charge, and you go solo – opening to chance meetings and serendipitous events.

Sandalwood Australian – smooth a few drops of this stunning oil on your wrists, your heart, and your third eye to be at one with your party universe.

feel free to be you - on your own

feel free to be you – on your own


“Dance Dance Dance”

This is a warming blend for your muscles. When you want to dance, help out your body with this powerful blend.

To make a nourishing body oil blend – in 3 teaspoons of oil add

Rosemary         2 drops

Ginger              1 drop

Lemon             4 drops





To wake yourself up, clear your mind, and get ready to party – do a steam inhalation with an essential oil.

To a bowl of steaming water add

Peppermint       2 drops

stand over the bowl and inhale the steam and oil with a towel over your head. This is a very quick way to use essential oil and is also great for colds, sinus congestion and headaches.

Steam inhalation with oils

Steam inhalation with oils


“OMG I’m so Tired”

When you need a recovery blend for your body try this.

To make a nourishing body oil blend -in 3 teaspoons of oil add

Lavender           2 drops

Pink Grapefruit  6 drops

oh yeah I'm tired

oh yeah I’m tired


“What time is Beer-o’clock?”

To get yourself out of the house for a recovery drink with your friends, try adding a few drops of oil into the bottom of the shower (covering the drain with your foot or a cloth), and breathe deeply.

Awaken your mind  – Basil  3 drops

Move your body –     Lemongrass 3 drops

mmmmm beer

mmmmm beer


When it’s party time essential oils can always help. They can get you vibed up, give you stamina, make you smell great and even help you recover!

Essential oils are powerful!

Remember to treat your self first and everyone will benefit.