10 Totally Positive Christmas Recipes for a Crazy World

Hello natural beauties living in this crazy world! Are you having a cold Christmas or a super hot one like me?  I love summer in Australia and I always feel so much better with the warmth and sun on my skin. Wherever you are, here are 10 essential oil recipes for your diffuser, for a hot, or a cold Chrissy.



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In a traditional oil burner with a candle or a diffuser add 15 – 25 drops of oil (depending on what type of diffuser you have and how it operates)


Baby It’s Cold Outside

orange                           12 drops

Virginian cedarwood     8 drops

clove                                5 drops



Light My Fire

mandarin                       10 drops

cinnamon                        6 drops

rosemary                         4 drops

fennel                              4 drops



Snowed Inn

lavender                            8 drops

rose geranium                    6 drops

lemon                                6 drops

marjoram                           2 drops

vetiver                                2 drops


beach by me


Sultry Nights

lime                              10 drops

Atlantic cedarwood       6 drops

rosewood                       6 drops

basil                                3 drops



Aussie Bush Christmas

lemon eucalyptus              8 drops

bergamot                           8 drops

nutmeg                               5 drops

patchouli                            4 drops




Australian sandalwood     12 drops 

Ylang Ylang                         6 drops

petitgrain                             6 drops



cinnamon – my own pic



blood orange          10 drops

peru balsam              8 drops

palmarosa                4 drops

thyme                         2 drops



Spiced Love

geranium                           8 drops

orange                                6 drops

coriander seed                 5 drops

black pepper                     5 drops




spearmint                             6 drops

may chang                           6 drops

grapefruit                              6 drops

frankincense                         6 drops



peppermint candy canes use real peppermint oil


Peace on Earth For Infinity

mandarin                           10 drops

black spruce                      8 drops

myrrh                                   3 drops

pine                                     3 drops



Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I wish you a great end to this year, a fabulous start to the new year too. 


10 Recipes with Australian Sandalwood – Santalum spicatum

Ah beautiful sandalwood oil! Our lovely Australian sandalwood essential oil has a hint of the bush and some herbaceous tones too. The Aussie species is not as syrupy, heady or as sweet as Indian (Mysore) sandalwood, but adds depth and the wisdom of this great land to your world. It can can also be found as a CO2 extract, so dive in and experience Australia.


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1. Nourishing Body Oil Blend

For a coat of your body use 3 teaspoons of carrier oil in a little dish and, add 7 – 8 drops of essential oil. It’s always best to patch test first, before you apply all over.

***** Always put the drops of essential oil into the bottle or dish first, then add the carrier oil. It gives the scents time to create a synergistic fusion.

For a 50ml bottle of oil add 25 drops and see my articles “Ratios for Blending Essential Oils – A Reminder of the Basics” and “Aromatherapy – It’s Easy as 1 2 3”


Aust. Sandalwood    3 drops

Lavender                  2 drops

Geranium                  1 drop

Black pepper            1 drop

“A Potion for my Man”

Aust. Sandalwood     4 drops

Mandarin                   4 drops

“Relaxing AND Energising all at the Same Time”

Aust. Sandalwood      2 drops

Lemongrass               2 drops

Orange                       4 drops

Salt makes a great base for a scrub

Salt makes a great base for a scrub


2. Skin Scrub

Use 2 cups of fine sea salt, add some unperformed lotion, or some carrier oil, mix into a paste and then add your essential oils (only a few drops). You’re ready to scrub under the shower or in the bath, but remember to be gentle! If you use the scrub while standing in the bath you can then soak in the salt and oils too. When you shower scrub most of it gets wasted.

Aust. Sandalwood       2 drops

Lemon                         3 drops

Anyone can give themselves a face mask!

Anyone can give themselves a face mask!


3. Face Mask

Usually I add 1 or 2 drops of oil to 2 teaspoons of clay, and add water, floral water or hydrosol. Keep the mask on for 5 minutes then rinse off with cool water. Mist with a hydrosol or floral water and moisturise.

Aust. Sandalwood  1 drop

Rose 3%                2 drops * see my article for more info on 3% blends in jojoba



Australian sandalwood thrives in semi-arid conditions - pic via www.fpc.wa.gov.au

Australian sandalwood thrives in semi-arid conditions – pic via http://www.fpc.wa.gov.au

4. Personal Aura Cleansing Mist & Room Mist

In a 50ml mist bottle filled with water add 25 drops of oil

(depending on the packaging you have, you may need to use a little alcohol -like vodka- at the bottom of your bottle first, so the oils disperse into smaller drops to prevent clogging the atomiser top. I’ve found sometimes it works just with water, and sometimes it doesn’t – very annoying!)

“Bush Magic”

Aust. Sandalwood      8 drops

Palmarosa                  8 drops

Lavender                    5 drops

Basil                           3 drops


Aust. Sandalwood    8 drops

May Chang             10 drops

Cypress                    7 drops

The classic Duralex glass dish is handy to make oil blends and quick perfumes in

The classic Duralex glass dish is handy to make oil blends and quick perfumes in

5. Pure Pulse Point Perfume

In a little dish mix these oils and anoint your pulse points or chakras – 3 drops of essential oils and dilute with a few drops of carrier oil – always patch test first!

“I Will”

Aust. Sandalwood   1 drop

Peru Balsam            1 drop

Lime                        1 drop


Aust. Sandalwood    1 drop

Neroli 3%                 4 drops  * see my article for more info on 3% blends in jojoba

“Double Torus”

Aust. Sandalwood      1 drop

Juniper                       1 drop

Rose Geranium           1 drop


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Happy blending and remember to use your intention when you are creating your formulas. See my article about intention.

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copryright SR Banks 2015


Sandalwood from India to Australia

Mysore sandalwood now grown in Australia

Mysore sandalwood now grown in Australia

I was recently asked to contribute to an article called “Sandalwood Dreams” appearing as an 8 part series by perfume officiando and writer Jordan River.

It started with a surprise present in the post via my friend and perfume blogger Portia Turbo from Australian Perfume Junkies. I was happy to open the package to find a cute little bottle of sandalwood oil and a beautiful colour brochure, almost a book! This was a sample of Santalum album, commonly known as Indian sandalwood or Mysore sandalwood. The big difference is that this Indian Sandalwood is grown in Australia, from seeds obtained from India, and it packs a powerful punch. This oil is now being offered by one of my trusted suppliers and it’s more expensive than the Mysore sandalwood has ever been, however it’s now sustainable and offers the world a great solution to the previous shortage.

Click here to access Jordan’s magnificent series on this wonderful oil grown in Australia.

I appear in Part 7 which is titled “What Does It Smell Like?” that also asks other experts on the scent of Indian sandalwood grown in Australia.

Australian Sandalwood - pic via www.australian-aridlands-botanic-garden.org

Australian Sandalwood – pic via http://www.australian-aridlands-botanic-garden.org

I have also previously written about the two types of sandalwood on Australian Perfume Junkies (so click here for the original story, with excerpts from the story below):

An essential oil from a wood can draw us in to world of intrigue and secrets, ancient knowledge and divine scent. Wood oils bring an oil formulation together and can be considered “grounding” and “centering” – due to the fact the tree roots delve deep into the earth. Oils from woods have been used for thousands of years in sacred ceremonies, embalming techniques and in traditional healing. Cherish these beautiful gifts from nature.

Today most oils come from renewable plantations but in the case of Sandalwood we have seen a decline in the tree population for many years. Indian Sandalwood has been over farmed, which has led to a crisis in the industry and in our forests. Illegal felling of young trees has also led to more stringent controls from the Indian government to help sustain production long-term. This is the one driving factor in the huge price increase in the last 10 years, and is also the reason why the Australian Sandalwood industry is booming.

Australian sandalwood - pic via watoday.com.au

Australian sandalwood – pic via watoday.com.au

The Indian type “Santalum album”, and the Australian sandalwood “Santalum spicatum” have similarities but are wonderful in their differences. The Indian wood is the classic deep, sweet exotic scent that we have come to know and love and in the Australian oil, you can actually smell the bush. It really is beautiful. I use both oils, and both are considered to be premium oils and are more expensive than common oils.

Traditionally Sandalwood has been used for spiritual ceremonies and the spread of the use of this oil is claimed to have come hand-in-hand with Buddhism. If anyone has been to India you would know the widespread use of the scent in incense and temples, in soaps and perfumes.
It is used therapeutically to treat acne, urinary disorders and infections and as a nervine tonic to ease stress and anxiety.

Sandalwood and oil - pic via www.fengshuidana.com

Sandalwood and oil – pic via http://www.fengshuidana.com

There is also an oil produced called West Indian Sandalwood but this tree comes from a different species and is sometimes called amyris oil. I’ve never used this oil, and have never seen it anywhere. It apparently has a slight sandalwood scent (hence it’s name) and is used in perfumes and fragrant body products.


Sandalwood is an oil for softening the edges in your life. Breathe it in and you wont be disappointed.

copyright suzannerbanks 2013


The Hanged Man – A Tarot Card Reading with Essential Oils

The Hanged Man - XVII from The Rider-Waite deck

The Hanged Man – XII from The Rider-Waite deck

The Hanged Man – don’t be afraid it’s ok! This card is not about hanging yourself – just look at it a little closer. He seems to be quite ok. He is hanging upside down but is doing so rather languidly. His free leg is bent with his hands behind his back and although we can’t see if his hands are tied, at closer inspection he doesn’t appear to be in any pain or suffering.

When I was learning the tarot I remember my teacher saying he could be hanging around waiting for something interesting to happen. Is that you? Are you just pacing yourself?   This card could indicate that it is best to wait for a while for the solution to appear, rather than to force a solution on an issue or a problem.

just waiting.......

just waiting…….

Are you stuck and stagnating, or wasting time? Maybe you are too scared to create your life but know deep inside it’s the right thing to do. It could be a time to release these old patterns and fears that are holding you back.

Our man has a halo around his head indicating he is in touch with his spirituality and this card may come to you in a reading if it is time to take the high road, let go of your ego and do what is best for the good of all concerned. So it seems he is hanging here by choice, he is giving up his freewill for the moment. Perhaps it is a time of allowing yourself to open your higher chakras to spiritual growth?

be peaceful, surrender to your spirit

be peaceful, surrender to your spirit

This is not a card that requires action. This is a card of allowing.

Allow yourself to be, rather than to do. Reflect and wait.

create your own natural skincare

essential oils can support you on your journey

So which essential oils and blends could represent The Hanged Man and what he is trying to tell you?

Try these recipes –

1. Scent Your Space

In a traditional oil burner with a candle or a diffuser add 25 drops of oil.


Time to take a moment for yourself –

Frankincense    10 drops

Vetiver                 1 drop

Lavender           7 drops

Lime                  7 drops


“I am Willing to Change”

To summon the courage to change your circumstances –

Petitgrain           12 drops

Cinnamon           8 drops

Rosewood          5 drops


2. Pure Pulse Point Perfume

In a little dish mix these oils and anoint your pulse points or chakras – 3 drops of essential oils and dilute with a few drops of carrier oil – always patch test first!


“A Higher Purpose”

Change your focus from ego to spirit –

Sandalwood Australian   1 drop

Mandarin                        1 drop

Palmarosa                      1 drop


“Hanging Around”

Be willing to wait –

Marjoram                       1 drop

Roman Chamomile 3%  3 drops   * see my article for more info on 3% blends in jojoba

Myrrh                             1 drop


Happy blending and remember to use your intention when you are creating your formulas.
See my article about intention.

copyright suzannerbanks 2013

Essential Oil Recipes to PARTY With!

Sydney Mardi Gras

Sydney Mardi Gras

It’s late summer in Sydney and it’s party time in the Gay and Lesbian Community. Mardi Gras is a queer cultural festival filled with music, art and parties. Here are a few recipes intended to help you get your party vibe going, and to stay on the dance floor as long as possible.

“Here We Are Again”

This is my magic formula for and outdoor dance-off – dedicated to the Sydney Harbour Party which was held this weekend. It rained. We danced in the rain with our friends. Life is grand!

To make a nourishing body oil blend – in 3 teaspoons of oil add

Ylang Ylang           2 drops

Bergamot              3 drops

Cedarwood Atlas  2 drops

The Harbour Party - Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

The Harbour Party – Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras


“3am Eternal”

To be prepared for an all-nighter, smooth this formula all over your body to give you a great scent and energy to continue!

To make a nourishing body oil blend  – in 3 teaspoons of oil add

Petitgrain       3 drops

Patchouli       2 drops

Nutmeg         2 drops

dance floor at Sydney Mardi Gras 2007

dance floor at Sydney Mardi Gras 2007


“I’m a Free Agent”

When you decide to leave the party Gods in charge, and you go solo – opening to chance meetings and serendipitous events.

Sandalwood Australian – smooth a few drops of this stunning oil on your wrists, your heart, and your third eye to be at one with your party universe.

feel free to be you - on your own

feel free to be you – on your own


“Dance Dance Dance”

This is a warming blend for your muscles. When you want to dance, help out your body with this powerful blend.

To make a nourishing body oil blend – in 3 teaspoons of oil add

Rosemary         2 drops

Ginger              1 drop

Lemon             4 drops





To wake yourself up, clear your mind, and get ready to party – do a steam inhalation with an essential oil.

To a bowl of steaming water add

Peppermint       2 drops

stand over the bowl and inhale the steam and oil with a towel over your head. This is a very quick way to use essential oil and is also great for colds, sinus congestion and headaches.

Steam inhalation with oils

Steam inhalation with oils


“OMG I’m so Tired”

When you need a recovery blend for your body try this.

To make a nourishing body oil blend -in 3 teaspoons of oil add

Lavender           2 drops

Pink Grapefruit  6 drops

oh yeah I'm tired

oh yeah I’m tired


“What time is Beer-o’clock?”

To get yourself out of the house for a recovery drink with your friends, try adding a few drops of oil into the bottom of the shower (covering the drain with your foot or a cloth), and breathe deeply.

Awaken your mind  – Basil  3 drops

Move your body –     Lemongrass 3 drops

mmmmm beer

mmmmm beer


When it’s party time essential oils can always help. They can get you vibed up, give you stamina, make you smell great and even help you recover!

Essential oils are powerful!

Remember to treat your self first and everyone will benefit.

Slipped, Tripped and Fell in Love


“Slipped, tripped and fell in love”, sings the beautiful Ann Peebles on her 1971 hit. You can listen to Ann’s soulful voice here.

Anne Peebles

Anne Peebles

But this isn’t really about Ann Peebles. It’s about love. Everyone wants to know about love potions, essential oils for love and how to get someone’s attention with scent.

Essential oil blending can be a fun way to experiment with natural perfumes and put you in the driver’s seat of your life. So does a love potion really work? Sure, of course it does but there’s a subtle trick.

The best way to make a love potion work is to create it for yourself. Have you heard of the exercise to write down all the qualities of what you want in a partner? When you’ve made your list, your job now, is to embody those qualities, to attract someone of the same vibration. What I’m saying is contrary to what you’d expect a spell to do. When you make a spell or practice other magic like that, you are engaging intention and alchemy to manipulate others. When making an aromatherapy love potion, even if it is your intention to attract another, the energy of the potion will be different. When you create it for yourself, you empower yourself, you don’t disempower someone else. You are supporting and nurturing your self, and sending your intention out into the ether with a positive spin.

Essential oils are carriers of the truth, they cannot lie. When you mix the essence of yourself with the essence of a flower or plant you will concoct a synergistic formula based in love and truth. Wait and see what happens.

Here are a some recipes to invite love and passion into your life:

1) “Law of Attraction”

To attract a life partner try a body oil blend using 3 teaspoons of carrier oil. Then add

Sandalwood  2 drops

Rosewood      2 drops

Orange           3 drops

Coat your body in this luscious formula before you go out to a social event.

2) “Mesmerise”

To attract a fun, intimate connection with another, try anointing your wrists, heart chakra and throat chakra in a combo of these oils:

Patchouli     1 drop

Jasmine       3 drops (this is assuming your jasmine oil is in a 3% blend with jojoba. If you have pure jasmine just use one drop).

Mandarin     1 drop

Just place each drop into a saucer or little ramekin, stir with your little finger and anoint yourself. MMMMMMMMMM. Delicious!

3) “Barry White is in the House”

If you are having a get together at your house, vapourise these oils in a classic oil burner with a candle:

Bergamot    5 drops

Palmarosa   5 drops

Ylang Ylang 5 drops

Don’t be scared to use any oil, just add your heartfelt intention when you blend, and all will be revealed to you.

Remember to treat yourself first, and everyone else will benefit.