10 Essential Oil Blends for the Diffuser and Deep Relaxation

Hello natural beauties! I’m feeling very relaxed right now as I’ve just spent 3 days with Dr Brian Weiss, participating in a past life regression workshop called “Many Lives, Many Masters”. This is also the title of his best-selling book and is a great read if you’re interested in past lives. I thought it might be a good idea to share some of my favourite soothing calming blends for relaxation, meditation and opening your intuition by looking within.



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Lavender is a must have!


Scent Your Space

In a traditional oil burner with a candle or a diffuser add 15 – 25 drops of oil

(depending on what type of diffuser you have and how it operates)

Diffusing essential oils in a room or any kind of space will help reduce bacteria, energetically cleanse the area and purify the energy of all who are in it, help you relax as the molecules pass through your nose into parts of your brain and basically allow you to feel absolutely lovely.


Lets to some lavender-centric blends first:

“Crown Chakra”

lavender                       8 drops

geranium                     4 drops

cedarwood Virginian     4 drops


“The Bountiful Garden”

Ylang ylang                 4 drops

lavender                     4 drops

orange                     10 drops


“Deep Trance”

lemon                  9 drops

lavender               5 drops

marjoram              4 drops

palmarosa            4 drops


“Grounded Vision”

lavender               5 drops

bergamot            12 drops

basil                     3 drops

vetiver                  2 drops


Artisan diffuser from https://www.facebook.com/GX.Diffuser/


“Deep Space”

mandarin                        10 drops

Australian sandalwood     5 drops

may chang                      5 drops

frankincense                    5 drops



lime                              8 drops

Peru balsam                 8 drops

Roman chamomile       4 drops

cedarwood  Atlas         4 drops


“Sweet Serenity”

orange                     10 drops

cinnamon                   6 drops

rose geranium            5 drops

patchouli                    4 drops


cinnamon – my own pic


“Time is a Only Concept”

jasmine                     8 drops * only if its pure a 3% blend in jojoba wont work in a diffuser

juniper                      6 drops

lemongrass               3 drops

myrrh                        3 drops


“Lazy Days”

melissa                         8 drops

petitgrain                       8 drops

Himalayan cedarwood   8 drops



cypress                       8 drops

bergamot                    8 drops

nutmeg                       3 drops

thyme                         3 drops




Which oils help you relax?

Thanks for tuning in see you next week x

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